Microsoft Office/Logging In & Out (OS X)

This page applies only to version 10.9 (“Mavericks”) of OS X.

For conceptual information on this topic, see the parent page.

Step By Step: Logging In edit

  1. Confirm that you are currently seeing the login window. The login window looks like a gray screen with an Apple logo in the center. Below the Apple logo you will find either a series of small, circular picture frames, or a small circular silhouette of a group of people with two text entry fields below it.
  2. Do either of the following, as appropriate:
    • If you see a picture frame with your name below it, click it. Then type your password into the text field that appears.
    • Type your user name into the top text field, and your password in the bottom text field.
  3. Press Enter. If the text field shakes itself back and forth, you have entered an incorrect username or password. Try re-typing your password (and username, if you had to type that in as well).

Step By Step: Logging Out edit

  1. From the Apple () menu in the top-left corner of the screen, choose the Log Out command. You can also press its keyboard shortcut, ⇧⌘Q.
  2. When you are prompted if you are sure you want to quit all applications and log out, click the blue Log Out button.
  3. All of the currently open programs will now quit, and you will be returned to the login window. (If any of the open programs have unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save or discard them before continuing.)

Step By Step: Locking the Screen edit

If you wake the computer and your desktop appears immediately, consult your system or network administrator on the proper steps to take. If are working on sensitive files, please test to make sure that you will be prompted for your password before relying on this feature while your computer is unattended.

  1. From the Apple () menu in the top-left corner of the screen, choose the Sleep command.
  2. The computer’s monitor should shut off automatically.

Step By Step: Unlocking a Locked Computer edit

  1. Wake the computer by pressing any key on the keyboard, or by moving the mouse.
  2. If your name is listed under a circular picture frame, type your password into the text entry field, and then click the right-pointing arrow button.