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By definition a critical factor that separates micronation from a typical state is recognition by other states. However just because a micronation is not recognized by a state does not preclude a state from interaction with a micronation. Naturally these interactions are characterized by the character of both nations.

Sometimes these relationships can be symbiotic, with both states receiving a benefit. An example can be seen in the Conch Republic, which while humorous, was ultimately established to gain the attention of government authorities about an issue that was causing harm to the local tourism economy.[1][2] Later the Conch Republic itself became a tourist attraction.[3]

Other times relations can be more antagonistic. For example when Liberland established itself on Terra Nullius between two established countries, it effectively entered itself into a border dispute, leading to police vacating the area.[4] The Free State of Jones was able to successfully resist the Confederacy in Jones County, Mississippi during the American Civil War by engaging in guerilla warfare and aligning itself with the Union cause.[5]

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