Micronations/List of already existing micronations/New Deutsche Democratic Republic

The New Deutsche Democratic Republic was founded 2017 from the remnants of East Germany. The landmass is off the coast of mainland Cuba, and the proper name of the island is Ernst Thälmann Island. It was given to East Germany as a gift from Fidel Castro, to try to increase tourism in Cuba. After the demise of communism, and the unification of Germany, there were no such talks of incorporating Ernst Thälmann Island into Germany. Therefore, even after the official creation of a new state, Germany, replacing both East and West Germany, East Germany is still a country to this day, yet reformed to the New Deutsche Democratic Republic. Its capital is Cayos Blanco del Sur, and is the only settlement on the island. And the President, or leader is Erich Honecker, which is the eternal president of the nation.