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Cordoba Empire

Cordoba EMPIRE Flag.png

Flag Royal Family seal .jpg

Coat of arms

Motto “Magna EST Veritas et Praevalet, Nose defendat nostra.”

Anthem For Glory by Two Steps from Hell

Utah, USA

Largest city Mitchell Grove

Official language(s) English

Official religion(s) Christian

Demonym Cordobian

Government Absolute Monarchy

Emperor HIM Emperor Arturo Cordova I

Established 21 September 2018

Area claimed N/A

Population 6

Currency Cordoba Dollar

Time zone Mountain

National drink Tea

National animal Cats/Wolves


Government and symbolism

The Cordoba Empire's form of government is an absolute monarchy with a few advisers to the Emperor, hence why the monarchy uses both an emblem and a royal coat of arms

History The Cordoba Empire was established due to an corrupt government. On the 21st of September 2018 The Empire is Highly esteemed member of the League of Christian Micronations.