Metroid franchise strategy guide/Creatures in the Metroid Prime series

This is a list of bioforms in the Metroid series games Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Metroid Prime edit

Flaahgra edit

Flaahgra is a gargantuan mutant plant that is the source of the poisoned waters in the Chozo Ruins. Flaahgra looks similar to an extremely large Bloodflower with four mouth-nodules instead of three, and so is probably a Phazon-mutated Bloodflower. Flaahgra's energy comes from sunlight reflected from four dishes set around it. This exposure to sunlight has made its outer shell thick and durable, but Flaahgra has also developed a dangerous overdependence on it. It attacks by swiping wildly with scythe-like arms and shooting a line of poison plants several metres in length. It is also capable of firing an energy beam. Samus defeats Flaahgra by attacking the four mirror discs around the chamber, causing them to no longer direct sunlight towards Flaahgra. The creature rendered immobile by the lack of sunlight, exposing its roots and becoming suspectible to Morph Ball bombs. After Flaahgra is destroyed, Samus receives the Varia Suit. As an added benefit, the waters of the Chozo Ruins lose their green hue and no longer damage Samus, making the Ruins much easier to traverse.

Meta Ridley edit

After the events of Metroid, much of Ridley's body was either destroyed or critically injured. The remaining Space Pirates recovered any remains they could find, reconstructed his body, and improved it through metagenetics, as well as adding armor plating and cybernetic modules. These include a bomb projector, several missile launchers, and an oral ray. Some of his original organic body can be seen through his frame, but he appears to be heavily mechanical at this point. Deemed "Meta Ridley," he is first seen on the space frigate Orpheon, seemingly still connected to life support. Upon the frigate's destruction, Meta Ridley awakens, frees himself and heads towards Tallon IV, causing Samus to chase after him. Samus loses track of him, but he is seen a few times during the course of the game prior to battling him.

He is the last boss fought before Samus faces Metroid Prime. In this battle, Ridley spends much of the time flying, making long bombing runs across the sky. His only weak point is his chest. Once hit enough, his wings burn off and he resorts to mostly brute physical attacks, however his mouth-based energy beam weapon remains operational. in addition, he must be stunned by shooting his mouth multiple times before his vulnerable chest is revealed. The Wavebuster is highly effective on his ground form, preventing him from even attacking, although a continuous beam can cost about 210 missiles. After his defeat, the nearby Chozo statues shoot beams from their eyes into his chest, and he is sent falling off of a cliff and into the Phazon crater under the temple, where he summarily explodes.

Metroid Prime edit

A metroid chosen to protect a leviathan core, it is genetically similar to Metroids but on a highly advanced level. Prime absorbs and produces the element Phazon in massive amounts, and absorbs the material limitlessly. Only a Phazon-based weapon can injure it.

Parasite Queen edit

The first boss in Metroid Prime, the Parasite Queens are located on the Space Pirate Frigate. The Parasite Queens were made by genetically combining Phazon with the Parasite genome. As a result, the Parasite Queens are huge and have the ability to shoot acid from its mouth. They can also create multiple Parasites very quickly. After two Parasite Queens escaped on the Space Pirate frigate Orpheon, they killed most of the crew. However, one was killed by being burned to death, while two others died during the Phazon infusion. The one that was fought and killed by Samus in the nuclear reactor of the ship fell into the reactor core, causing a meltdown and ultimately the destruction of the frigate. During this escape, another one can be seen being killed by Space Pirates. Most of the Parasite Queens are quite resilient, but can be injured by firing into their mouths, which are their weakest points.

Space Pirate edit

A group of interstellar nomads, these bipeds raid ships and planets in a never-ending quest for galactic conquest. These troopers are the most common form of Pirate, and employ moderate (which, by Samus' standards, is light) shielding. They use energy scythes and Galvanic Accelerator Cannons. They occasionally hang from the ceiling before attacking. This is only one example of their agility, as they often run on all fours and are fast enough to dodge lock-on weaponry, such as missiles.

Thardus edit

Thardus is an experiment by the Space Pirates (who dubbed it Project Titan) who used Phazon on inorganic objects to make sentient beings for weapons, but the Pirates gave up trying to pacify it since it became too dangerous. Thardus is locked in Quarantine Cave A of the Phenandra drifts, from which it is too large to exit. Thardus has the ability to control the weather, roll into a ball, hurl large phazon-infused rocks, and encase enemies in ice. However, the Phazon experiments resulted in structural weaknesses within the rock that make up Thardus. To the Combat Visor, it has no visible weak point, but the Thermal Visor reveals the weakened rock (shown as red) that can be damaged. After dealing enough damage to it, the outer coating of the rock will break and the heat coming from it will overload the Thermal Visor, rendering it useless. Switching back to the Combat Visor reveals that the rock has turned the neon blue color of Phazon ore. A few more hits dealt to this rock will destroy it, advancing the round of the battle. Once the rock is destroyed, another will become weak, and therefore visible to the Thermal Visor. After the first few rocks are destroyed, Thardus will summon a snowstorm, which greatly impairs visibility with the Combat Visor. When the battle is nearing the end, the storm will be repelled, and it is very easy to defeat Thardus's largest ("heart") rock, which takes quite a few more hits to shatter. After its defeat, Thardus yields the Spider Ball augmentation, which is necessary to leave Quarantine Cave A.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes edit

Amorbis edit

Amorbis is a giant sand worm guarding the Dark Agon Temple in Dark Aether, with three separate bodies. The main power source of Amorbis is a giant black sphere surging with dark energy. Its name is likely a pun on "amorphous", which means 'having no clear shape'.

Amorbis will break off from its sphere and will leap out of the sand at random spots trying to ram Samus. Once its outer shell is destroyed it will attach to its sphere. Amorbis will then gain armor and a hornlike head. It will use dark energy to nullify the light crystals and beacons temporarily. It can also charge up to launch a hyper destructive beam attack. Once Samus destroys its head armor, she must transform into the Morph Ball and allow Amorbis to suck the Morph Ball in its mouth, which is vulnerable to Morph Ball Bombs. After Samus defeats the one, two Amorbises attack at once, following the same pattern. Once she destroys those three Amorbises attack. Once all three are destroyed, Amorbis dies permanently, as well as the Dark Sphere, and Samus can adapt the remnants of the dark sphere to her powersuit, receiving the Dark Suit.

Chykka edit

The Chykka is the insectoid boss guarding the Dark Torvus Temple. When Samus enters the temple, the Chykka is still in its cocoon; a larva emerges from the cocoon when Samus destroys the supports holding it up. It swims around in the water, occasionally splashing dark water at Samus, and sometimes surfacing and trying to drag Samus in its mouth. The Chykka Larva is only vulnerable on its underbelly.

Once the larva is destroyed, the adult form of the Chykka emerges. This is by far the most dangerous form, because it frequently spits dark water at Samus. To defeat this form, weak spots on the back of the wings must be destroyed, preferably with the Seeker Missile.

The Chykka's final form, the Dark Chykka, spews forth dozens of small Chyklings from its eggsac. This is by far the easiest form to defeat, because it can be destroyed with conventional means, and the comparatively weak swarm of Chyklings provide plenty of extra health and ammunition.

The Chykka switches forms from Chykka Adult to Dark Chykka each time Samus hits its weak spots on its wings often enough. The Dark Chykka is vulnerable in its eggsac. After the Chykka is destroyed, Samus is rewarded with the Dark Visor.

The Chykka lifecycle is something of a mystery; its offspring had no larval phase, said to be the result of a mutation in the logs. It appears to reproduce asexually, given the obvious impossibility of it mating between its growth into the adult form and the immediately ensuing battle.

The Chykka resembles a cross between a butterfly and a dragonfly, with its larval phase slightly resembling a dragonfly's.

Galactic Federation Troopers edit

These troopers wear powered armor and are the marines of the Galactic Federation. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, they appear in cutscenes when an entire crew is attacked by an army of Ing-possessed Splinters. Players can scan some of their corpses to access their journal entries. The player does not encounter surviving Galactic Federation marines in normal state, though there are encounters with Ing-possessed marines.

They also appear briefly in the opening clip at the beginning of Metroid Prime Hunters, where they are attacked by Sylux, as well as the opening sequence of Metroid Fusion.

Ing edit

The Ing are a fictional race of evil, spider-like alien creatures that are the major foe of Samus Aran in the video game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Their name is the Luminoth word for 'terror'. Ing generally take on a dark, hideous, alien look, unless they have possessed other life forms, in which the host remains mostly the same, except that it takes on a blacker hue, spines, and Ing-like eye structures. Ing-possessed organisms usually gain the prefix "Dark-", and become stronger from the possession as well, but retain the Ing's natural weakness to light-based weaponry. Even if you fight the Ing-posessed in the light realm, the logbook still still considers it to be from the dark realm.

Luminoth edit

A race of intelligent, moth-like creatures, whose name is a portmanteau of "luminous" and "moth." They are the original inhabitants of Aether and almost lost the war with the Ing - they put all the remaining members of their race in stasis except one, U-Mos, a sentinel, who helps Samus and later gives her the Light Suit.

Quadraxis edit

Quadraxis is the boss guarding the Ing Hive. It has a vague spider shape, with four giant legs, and appears as an over-sized Quad. It has mostly the same colors as a normal Quad.

Unusually, before the game was released and was shown in E3 and Nintendo Power, Quadraxis was supposed to be purple, and the glass areas to be green. However, this was apparently changed to the colors of a regular Quad in the final version (but they temporarily glow purple when the three Warrior Ing possess it and bring it to life).

Quadraxis is a maximum security drone created by the Luminoth, but was taken by the Ing to serve them. Once the energy of the Sanctuary Fortress was taken, the Ing needed to guard their own, so they took this giant destroyer with them to guard the Ing hive's planetary energy. Quadraxis guards the second to final energy controller, leaving only the one in the Sky Temple.

Quadraxis' main weapons include the Annihilator Beams and a Disruptor shot (which is the charged version for the Annihilator Beam). It can be dodged by a simple boost in Morph Ball form. It is also equipped with long-ranged missile-launchers, and a spin attack similar to the one used by the smaller Quad robots, only it has the size and power of a real tornado, and will suck the player in doing damage, unless enough shots with the power beam are delivered to its legs. It can be damaged by attacking its leg joints when they are flashing with any weapon, and foot joints with Boost Ball, or Morph Ball Bombs. Once its main body is crippled, the head will lift off and attack on its own, following the same strategy as the smaller Quad. The head will receive shielding from the sonic frequencies coming from the transmitter in the main body, and cannot be damaged. The link must be severed by using the Echo Visor to first damage the transmitter in the main body and then destroy the receiving antennae in the head. While the link is being re-established, the head will summon Dark Quad robots. Once all of the receiver antennae in the head are destroyed, the glass on the top of the head module shatters, and the head flies and wobbles about, destroying the glass coverings on the Spider-Ball tracks on its legs. In this final part, the head can be stunned with shots, then, using the main body's legs as ramps while at the same time using the spider ball to stay on, Samus must boost-ball-jump to the head and attach to the head using the Spider Ball, and bomb its two Morph Ball slots, one at a time. This finally destroys the head module and allows Samus to walk away with the Annihilator Beam.

Quadraxis can be scanned five times; these entries are listed in order as they appear: Quadraxis, Shielded Head Module, Damaged Quadraxis, Stunned Head Module, and Final Head Module. The player must scan Quadraxis at the beginning of the fight (in one piece), its body and his shielded head separately, its head with the shields down, and the final head with the glass broken if all of the scans are to be obtained.

It must also be noted that in the light version of the temple entrance players can see various parts (the four legs still surrounded by scaffolding) of another Quadraxis robot scattered throughout the room.

Also wise to note is that Quadraxis is one of the largest bosses in Metroid history, easily dwarfing Samus and rivaling Kraid in terms of height. A rough measure by comparing Samus and Quadraxis indicates that it is at least 45 feet (14 metres) tall when the head module and the main body are linked together.

Metroid Prime: Hunters edit

Alimbics edit

The Alimbics were highly intelligent civilisational insect-like alien who were all but wiped out by Gorea after a meteor it was traveling on impacted one of their homeworlds. Alimbics' brains possessed large frontal lobes and they were quick decision makers, as well as proficient in psychic abilities such as telepathy and essence transference . Their heads hover in the air without use of a neck, like the Kriken. The Alimbics built two large space stations, called the Celestial Archives and the Vesper Defense Outpost. The Alimbics were the first to discover "essence transference". By using this ability, the Alimbics were able to turn their bodies into concentrated psychic power. This was used to seal Gorea who was too great to be slain by conventional weaponry.

Spire edit

Spire is the only known remaining Diamont. His name is derived from a spire of rock, three of which he has on his back. Spire's life as a bounty hunter took him from one end of the galaxy to the other, while he continually searched for some information on the location, or fate, of the rest of his people. When he received a message from the Alimbic Cluster, he raced to Alinos with the hope that finding the Alimbics' source of ultimate power and solving the mystery of their lost race would help him solve the mystery of his own. His weapon is called the Magmaul and his alternate form is a large, spiked boulder called the Dialanche (a portmanteau of Diamont and avalanche) which can scale walls and orbit two thick titanium limbs around it for attack, revealing the spiked, crystal like center. These limbs do not appear to be attached to the crystalline center, and appear to be made out of rock rather than titanium. Spire can also walk (or roll) in lava without taking damage. Spire's Magmaul was copied by Gorea. His hostility towards Samus is likely because he is desperate, willing to go to any lengths to discover what happened to his race, no matter how many beings he'll need to kill.

Weapon of Choice: Magmaul - A weapon that fires superheated magma. When Spire charges it, it can ignite opponents.
Alt. form: Dialanche - A rock-like sphere that can climb walls and orbit rocks around it as an attack.

Kanden edit

Kanden was an experiment to make a soldier who could battle and kill anything, and was indestructible. However, Kanden's brain could not withstand the awesome and complex neural combat encoding sequences. This completely transformed his mind, leaving him ferocious, unbelievably powerful and dangerously unpredictable. Kanden escaped the research lab, killing the scientists that made the enhancements and surgical modifications and also destroying the research laboratory. Kanden then took great advantage of his strength, near-invincibility, and near-immortality by trying his hand at becoming a bounty hunter. Although he is fairly new to being a bounty hunter, he has already earned a fearsome reputation due to his power and vicious nature. It would be impossible to trick him into not doing something violent; anything he sees, he kills at his own unpredictable will, and his conscience is rendered useless by the neurological enhancements. Built with programming to hunt, combat, and destroy, he could be the ultimate soldier. When Kanden received word of the Ultimate Power in the Alimbic Cluster, he sees a great advantage that he can grasp in his hands. Kanden also relishes the opportunity to prove his superiority. His part of the opening clip shows the Stinglarva slithering out from a burning building (this may possibly be the science lab in which he was enhanced) then transforming into Kanden and snarling with somewhat victorious posturing as it explodes behind him. At the very start of the fight with Gorea, Kanden's Volt Driver gets copied.

Weapon Of Choice: Volt Driver (A power shot that absorbs energy from a planet's electromagnetic field. When charged by Kanden, the Volt Driver homes in to the opponent and disrupts the opponent's visor. A charged shot can hit more than one hunter, including Kanden himself, if the hunter is close to the exploding radius. Kanden can be damaged by his own charged shot if not careful.)
Alt Form: Stinglarva (When attacking, a piece is broken off from the tail and homes in on a nearby target ready to explode. Can only break off one bomb at a time. These mines can be used to initiate a jump.)

Gorea edit

Gorea is the entity who arrived at the Alimbic Cluster on a comet in gaseous form. It appears in Metroid Prime: Hunters as the final boss. After the comet impact, Gorea proceeded to copy the Alimbics' cellular structure and destroy their civilization in a swift rampage of terror. The Alimbics were powerless to stop Gorea's rampage, as it was immune to any weapon used against it and quickly replicated that weapon. The Alimbics were able to contain Gorea by using one of their artifacts, the Seal Sphere, and trapping it within the Oubliette. Seeking a way to break free, Gorea sent out a telepathic message to life forms all over the galaxy that spoke of the "ultimate power", in hopes that the promise of this power would bring life-forms powerful enough to free Gorea from its prison so it could re-enter the galaxy and destroy all in its path. Gorea has three legs, changes color depending on the colour of the weapon it is using, is slightly bigger than Samus, and still possesses the Seal Sphere, located in the middle of its body, from which it draws power. The hunters who found the Seal Sphere had their power drained, and Gorea copied their abilities and weapons. Therefore, Gorea was able to use all of the hunters weapons. Gorea is heavily armored, and its body is impervious to conventional weaponry. The color of its shoulders, however, indicate the type of weapon they are vulnerable to, and can be destroyed by the weapon of matching color. When its shoulders are destroyed, Gorea flips upside down and the Seal Sphere rises above its legs. In this form, Gorea may be damaged when Samus attacks the Seal Sphere, damaging Gorea due to its connection with it. It uses tentacles and creatures known as Trocras that explode if attacked. After repeating the cycle of destroying its shoulders and damaging the Seal Sphere enough times, Gorea will be defeated. However, if Samus had shot the symbols on the walls of the battleground with their corresponding weapons in the exact order as prophesized by the Alimbics, Gorea is revived and Gorea and Samus are transported to a new area in the Oubliette that contains a blue raised platform and a shield at the bottom of the platform containing the Omega Cannon, an extremely potent weapon. In this battle, Gorea uses a powerful laser attack and hurls meteors while it teleports around the battlefield. Ultimately, Samus uses the Omega Cannon to destroy Gorea once and for all.

Trace edit

The Kriken youth Trace is undergoing a rite of passage in exile, searching for worlds that the imperialistic Kriken race can invade. Using sophisticated Kriken technology, Trace can morph into a powerful three-legged Kriken military mechanism called the Triskelion by combining its hind legs into one appendage and flipping its torso ninety degrees upward. The Triskelion can lunge at its enemies with vicious needlepoint claws and become almost completely invisible when stationary. In addition to searching the Alimbic Cluster for new worlds for the Krikens to invade, Trace was seeking the Alimbic treasure to give more power to his race, which would result in Trace gaining more prestige. It is noted in the official player's guide that Trace plans that should he not get the "ultimate power" the planets in the Alimbic Cluster will still be suitable for Kriken invasion. Trace's Imperialist was copied by Gorea. If Trace remains still in his alt form he will become invisible, (he will only become invisible in his biped form if he has the imperialist equipped. Although it is much easier to spot him when invisible in this form.) thereby setting up a prospective ambush to the unwitting player.

Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (A sniper beam that can zoom onto opponents. Instant kill with headshot. While the beam is equipped, Trace can become partially invisible if it remains still)
Alternate Form: Triskelion, uses a lunging attack that can inflict very heavy damage (about fifty damage points) if a direct hit. As with using the Imperialist, Trace may become invisible in this form while not moving.

Quadtroid edit

The Quadtroid is a genetically engineered species created from leech and reptile D.N.A. A specimen is built similarly to a Metroid in that it has a large green membrane and nuclei inside of it. It also latches onto creatures and saps energy similarly to a Metroid, and, like a Metroid, can only be removed with a Morph Ball bomb. However, instead of floating like a Metroid, the creature crawls on the ground with its claws and possesses a tail and a leech-like body. Surprisingly, Quadtroids can be slain with conventional weaponry unlike Metroids, which had to be defeated with the classic Ice Beam/Missile combo.

Sylux edit

Sylux is a character in Metroid Prime Hunters. Little is known about Sylux other than that the bounty hunter has an intense hatred for the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran. Sylux's alternate form is a small hovering ball of energy with two tetracarbon armour plates, called the Lockjaw, which lays tripwire mines. Two must be laid to create a tripwire, which can be left as a trap. If Sylux lays a third mine, forming a triangle, all three explode on anyone who happens to be in between them, causing one hundred and eighty damage points. If one more bomb is laid while someone has walked through a tripwire, it may also follow and attack the victim. His weapon of choice is the Shock Coil, a beam that fires highly damaging streams of high-density neutrinos, and when used by Sylux allows him to absorb the victim's energy. It gets stronger after a short time of attacking an opponent. Also, in low gravity areas, Sylux's lockjaw form can fly by rapidly laying mines. Sylux's Shock Coil was copied by Gorea.

The game's log entries state that Sylux's suit, gunship known as the Delano 7, and Lockjaw technology are all stolen Galactic Federation Prototypes, and Sylux's Shock Coil is made out of banned nanotechnology and according to its scan, is also a Galactic Federation Prototype.

Sylux's genetic species is unknown, although the game's starting video reveals that he comes from Cylosis, and he is referred to as a male by the game's developers. The introductory video shows the extent of his hatred for the Galactic Federation, showing Sylux dive-bombing an unsuspecting G.F. trooper, crushing him, then screaming defiantly at two other troopers that accompanied the one he killed. It does not, however, explain the reason that Sylux hates the Federation. Also, since his ship, the Delano 7, makes multiple appearances, and due to the fact that in the extended areas of V.D.O., there are multiple scenes of battle and decay, it is possible he is the main rival out of the five other hunters to Samus.

Weapon of Choice: Shock Coil - A weapon that shoots out a beam of pure energy, looking very much like a bolt of electricity. When fired in the general direction of an opponent, the beam "seeks" the player, effectively "latching on" to the opponent and usurping life energy. The longer the beam is stuck onto an opponent, the faster life energy is depleted. For instance, if the Shock Coil is used on an enemy for the first few seconds, life will decrease by about five energy per second. As time increases and the beam remains stuck on the enemy, life will begin to drain exponentially, so that by around thirty seconds, about forty life energy is being consumed. The weapon is unique to Sylux because when Sylux uses the Shock Coil, his life energy is repleted. The energy taken from the enemy is added back onto Sylux's own life counter.

Alt Form: Lockjaw - In this form, Sylux becomes a ball of green energy the size of Samus' Morph Ball form, surrounded by two entwined, metal bars that end up looking like a deformed version of his ship, the Delano 7.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Even though Sylux doesn't appear in the game, the secret 100% Ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption shows a ship that resembles Sylux's Delano 7. It appears to covertly follow Samus' Gunship after Samus departs from Skytown. This could indicate that Sylux will feature in a later Metroid adventure; however, it is mostly speculation at this time.

Noxus edit

A Vhozon from the icy planet Vho, Noxus is a spiritual being who walks a harsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a bounty hunter to administer justice to the galaxy's criminals and evil-doers. As a Vhozon, Noxus may believe that any other race would be or could become corrupt in the quest for "Ultimate Power," giving him reason to attack all hunters including Samus. Otherwise, it is far more likely he would be allied with Samus. He is seen battling Trace in Sic Transit during the player's first encounter of him.

Noxus's weapon of choice is the Judicator, which is able to freeze enemies using "supercooled plasma;" his alternate form is the Vhoscythe, a biological defense mechanism that resembles a spinning top. He can reach out with his claw while spinning to attack enemies.

Weavel edit

Weavel is a former soldier of some high rank in the Space Pirate army who was severely wounded by Samus Aran at Brinstar (as described in the game's official strategy) leaving only his brain and spinal cord intact. As a result of the injury Weavel sustained he was given surgery similar to the Space Pirate leader Ridley, being that what was left of him was surgically implanted into a new robotic body, because of this the hunter can separate its torso from its lower body, which becomes a stationary turret. A power suit based off of Samus's own power suit was then grafted onto Weavel. It is unknown if he seeks the treasure of the Alimbic Cluster for the Space Pirates, or for himself, but he will remain with the Space Pirates as long as it's convenient. He enjoys missions that no other Space Pirate could accomplish because of their reptilian/insectoid physique (and possibly due to the lack of a mechanical power suit).

Weapon Of Choice: Battlehammer - A powerful mortar beam that fires explosive shots rapidly in an arc with a very small splash radius. When Weavel wields it, it does more damage and has a far greater splash radius.

Altform: Halfturret - Weavel's body is split into two separate parts, splitting his health and making his lower body become an automatic, stationary turret that shoots non affinity powered battlehammer shots that do not use UA ammo, while his upper body continues to move about freely (controlled by the player) wielding an energy blade known as the 'Battleblade'. If his health is an odd number, the upper half gets more energy. The turret can hold 100 energy and the upper part can hold 199. Damage taken by the upper half will not do any harm to the turret, but if the turret is attacked, it damages Weavel as a whole. If the turret is destroyed, the upper part will have only 1 energy unit. The turret normally shoots at a small range. But if someone attacks the turret or upper part out of the original range, the turret will shoot at the person who shot it a few times. If the turret is shot from an extreme distance, the shots will NOT explode in midair. If the turret had affinity Battlehammers, it would still hit the distant target because Battlehammers have perfect accuracy over long distances when fired by the halfturret.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption edit

Rundas edit

Rundas is capable of generating and manipulating ice. This trait is common among inhabitants of the moon Phrygis, but Rundas is one of the few of his kind who have used this ability for bounty hunting. Rundas is known for getting results, and considers himself without peer. His arrogant demeanor has led him to mainly seek solo missions, and rarely works with others. Rundas is reported to keep 'trophies', such as weapons or body parts, from all of his successfully captured or killed targets. Rundas becomes corrupted by Dark Samus on Planet Norion, which results in Samus being forced to fight him on Fire Bryyo to defend herself. After being defeated, Rundas loses control of his ice powers and impales himself on a sharp glacier. It propels him into the air, where Dark Samus appears as a black-winged avian creature that absorbs him. After his defeat, Rundas leaves behind the Ice Missiles, which are then acquired by Samus.

Ghor edit

Ghor is a cybernetic bounty hunter, capable of merging his body into larger mechanisms. The most common of these is his armorsuit, which doubles as a gunship and provides him with a formidable combat arsenal. The merges are often accompanied by a shift in personality, replacing his normally calm demeanor with an aggressive attitude. He demonstrates a high proficiency with all things mechanical and is often called upon for missions requiring computer infiltration or manipulation. Ghor is a veteran of the liberation war on Wotan VII, leaving only 6% of Ghor's birth body still part of him. He is kind, often donating bounty money to victims of his targets. As with Rundas, Ghor became corrupted and attacked Samus's ship, leading Samus to fight him. Afterwards, Ghor's exo suit explodes and a screaming Ghor is absorbed by Dark Samus despite Samus's attempts to stop her. Subsequently, Samus receives the Plasma Beam.

Gandrayda edit

Gandrayda appears to be an energy being and possesses the metamorphic ability to assume the form and abilities of other creatures. This talent has led many to seek her out for stealth and reconnaissance missions, despite her powerful combat capabilities. Details on Gandrayda's origins and age are unknown, but her unique traits have made her a sought after Hunter for missions. She is sent to find the Pirate Homeworld, and succeeds, but is completely corrupted in the process. Revealed to be masquerading as a kidnapped Galactic Federation Trooper, she attacks Samus but is defeated by Samus and then becomes absorbed by Dark Samus. Samus then receives the Grapple Voltage.

Aurora edit

The Aurora is a biological supercomputer created by Galactic Federation scientists twenty years before the events of Corruption. Originally designed for scientific purposes, thousands of Aurora units are now used in government, business, and military roles. Each Aurora is given a male, female, or gender neutral identity based on the needs of the client.

The Aurora onboard a Galactic Federation ship was infected with an unknown virus at the beginning of Corruption. Aurora bears a striking resemblance to Mother Brain. Because of this, many fans speculate that Mother Brain is in fact an Aurora unit, or that the Aurora Unit is based upon Mother Brain. A room virtually identical to Super Metroid's Mother Brain room was showcased in a teaser trailer dedicated to the Aurora, though the image shown of this room was a blueprint for Aurora Unit 242's chamber.

Reptilicus edit

These reptilian humanoid creatures have been mutated by Phazon and either posses the ability to teleport over short distances or become temporarily invisible. The habitat in which the species lives in are ruins of their own civilization, devastated by a caste war and the Leviathan impact. Large Golems built by the scientific members of the old community are scattered around the ruins and will perform certain tasks when charged with a Morph Ball Bomb.

Space Pirate Types edit

Ground Space Pirate

A space pirate able to shoot, run around, and jump. Ground Space Pirates are bad at dodging and can be easily hit by almost any attack. Also, if these Pirates fall of a ledge or fall into a hazard zone, such as phazon, they cannot escape.

Shield Space Pirate

A Ground Space Pirate that carries a shield that deflects all attacks except for Hyper beam, Hyper missile, and Hyper ball. While the pirate defends itself with a shield, it cannot use its weapon. Shields can also be torn off using the Grapple Lasso, or can be drained by Grapple Voltage or Hyper grapple.

Flying Space Pirate

A Space Pirate equipped with a special backpack that allows the pirate to hover around. Flying Pirates, or Aerotroopers are also equipped with Seeker Missiles firing up to two missiles at once, as well as the regular gun weapon. Aerotroopers are trained well and can dodge attacks easily, so missiles are the better choice to use against these guys. Freezing an Aerotrooper while its flying will cause it to fall down, and you make it fall off of a ledge, you can be reward with a Blue Token. Also for a Blue Token, use the Grapple Lasso to pull an stunned Aerotrooper into the ground.

Space Pirate Militia

The weakest of Space Pirates, these guys only have a simple gun and almost no armor. Any weapon except for Grapple Voltage and Hypergrapple can kill these pirates. Other Forms- Shield Pirate Militia

Space Pirate Trooper

The regular battle Space Pirates used from Norion's attack to defend Tilmat turrets, these pirates are most common. A small layer of armor protects them which can be destroyed by any weapon except for grapple voltage. These pirates are commonly in Hypermode after the Norion attack. Other Forms- Shield Trooper, Aerotrooper

Space Pirate Commando

Space Pirate Commandos are only found on the Pirate Homeworld, where they protect all sorts of things. Commandos have an annoying layer of armor that well protects them, and when in Hypermode, takes several blasts to get through. Whenever an alarm in the Pirate Homeworld goes off, Pirate Commandos come running. Commandos have an extra talent too: warping short distance.

Advanced Pirate Troopers

Space Pirates wearing green armor are Advanced Pirate Troopers. The green armor provides extra defense and an extra layer for Samus to destroy. Advanced Armor can be easily destroyed by the Hyper Beam, the Hyper Missile, or the Hyper Ball. Other Forms: Advanced Shield Pirates, Advanced Aerotrooper.

Armored Pirate Trooper

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Other Forms: Armored Shield Trooper, Armored Aerotrooper

Pirate Commander

There is only one instance of a Pirate Commander in the game, encountered when the player is escorting the Demolition Troopers on the Pirate Homeworld. Pirate Commanders wear red armor, and are able to warp short distances. Commanders' jobs are to command other Commandos.

Berserker Knight

First seen in the Thorn Jungle, Berserker Knights are the less-mutated form of Berserker Lords. Berserker Knights' attacks include a Elite/ Omega Pirate-like ground smash move that creates an expanding ring of energy that must be jump over, a simple clawing move, an attack where the Berserker Knight picks up either you or Pirate Militia and throws you/it, and an energy shooting attack. The energy shooting attack is how you kill the Berserker Knight. When the energy ball come towards you, shoot the ball to hit it back at the Knight. After about five hits, his weak point, its back, opens up. Shoot its back to kill it. This is certainly a tough enemy to beat.

Berserker Lord

This is the further mutated of the Berserker Knight. It looks the same as the Berserker Knight, except the Lord has phazon all over its body. You find this pirate as a boss at the end of the Olympus attack, and later when trying to get the first Thermonian Bomb part. The Berserker Lord has the same attacks as the Berserker Knight, except before being able to hit back to energy ball it shoots at you, you must destroy the red spots on its two shoulders. When its back opens up, the Berserker Lord goes, well, berserk and tries to kill any way possible.

Korakk Beast

The monster used as calvary is only seen one time in the game, which is a good thing. Korakk Beast is a pirate controlled creature ridden by a Pirate Hussar. Its attacks include using its tongue to pull you in, shooting small energy balls at you, and stomping, plus the Hussar's attacks. To defeat, wait for it to open its mouth and then shoot the inside of its mouth, stunning it. Then, go into morph ball and place bombs under its belly. After those go off, a spike on its back glows; use the Grapple Lasso to pull on it, forcing the Korakk Beast to go on two legs. While it is up, use any weapon you currently have to kill it.

Pirate Hussar

This Space Pirate is specially trained to ride the Korakk Beast and use its Plasma Lance to take out any enemies. Its attacks include using its lance to hit you, firing a continuous stream of fire at you, and when off the Korakk, a Plasma Beam attack, plus the attacks the Korakk Beast uses. Since the Pirate Hussar and the Korakk Beast seem to make a great team together, immediately take out the Pirate Hussar with the Hyperbeam, and then go for the Korakk Beast.

Non-Pirate, Homeworld Creatures edit

"Jolly-Roger" Drone

This is the main Space Pirate robot. This drone flies around, fixing, uploading, building, and doing anything that a Space Pirate thinks can be robotically done. In combat, "Jolly-Roger" Drones can use a simple defense turret built in to them. A few shots, or a charged beam attack can easily destroy them.

Remorse-Class Turret

These turrets can be found in the Pirate Homeworld defending certain paths and objects. Remorse-Class Turrets can use a repeated-fire attack that is very strong. It takes a couple missile blasts, or a lot of Hyperbeam hits, to defeat.


These little robots crawl around the Pirate Homeworld or places where Pirates have been, moving in groups, with only a simple self-destruct attack if touched. Crawlmines are the simple little creatures, just used as a poor trap, or a quick health restore.


The beefed-up version of a Crawlmine, Crawltanks have a built in turret, and a PED system that allows them to enter Hypermode. Only one to two blasts from the Hyperbeam are needed to defeat these creatures. Crawltanks can walk on walls and ceilings though, making them good at being a sneaky robot.

Puffer Mine

The Pirate Homeworld Version of the Puffer, Puffer Mines' only difference from Sky Puffers are the stronger explosion (they are as strong as Gel Puffers, but their appearance is different.) Pufffer Mines explode if hit by a charged attack or if touched by an enemy. Puffer Mines are used as an obstacle in the Pirate Homeworld.

Ultragian Shriekbat

Although seeming like just another shriekbat except now in the Pirate Homeworld, Ultragian Shriekbats are actually the second most powerful Shriekbat, next to only the Phazon-charged Phazon Shriekbat. Ultragian Shriekbats are normally hot creatures, and stay in cool areas to live. Whenever approached, Ultragian Shriekbats fall off of wherever they were hanging, start spinning, and rocket to the enemy, which is you. Ultragian Shriekbats are only encountered once in the game, on the player's first visit to the Scrapvault on the Priate Homeworld.

Space Pirate Vehicles edit

Space Pirate Skiff

This Space Pirate Vehicle is used for attacks such as the attack on Norion and on the Spire. The Space Pirate Skiff has a single turret firing a purple blast at you, or its target. You can use the Hyperbeam, or Hypermissile, to quickly destroy it.

Space Pirate ATC

This Space Pirate Vehicle is used for attacks, and also used for dropping off Pirate Militia and Pirate Troopers. It has the single turret that the Skiff has, except the Space Pirate ATC is much slower. Hyperbeam and Hypermissiles are best against the Space Pirate ATC. Also, if you destroy the ATC before it drops off its Pirate Militia or Pirate Troopers, they will all die inside.

Space Pirate Assault Ship

This Space Pirate Space Ship is used to get Pirate Militia and Pirate Troopers onboard enemy ships. The bulkhead of the ship is used to smash through the wall, and the pirates just kind of board. There is no way to destroy this ship.

Phazon Harvester Unit

The very powerful Phazon Harvester Unit is made out of thick Maldium, making it invincible to all of your carried weapons. The Phazon Harvester Unit floats around and uses a spotlight a find any enemies. If the spotlight goes on you, the Phazon Harvester Unit will fire a powerful blast at you. Phazon Units can only be destroyed by calling in an airstrike from the player's gunship.

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