Metaphysical Arts and Crafts/The sound of silence

This laboratory practice is part of the coursing class; A course as a change that can alter or define an object, person or society. It is an internal or introspective practice, since it requires the person to look an observe its own though process and feelings when interact with external stimuli and the reactions to them.

The universe is a three-dimensional space and to our eyes and mind exists in a fourth dimension, the time, the universe has at least four dimensions, everything moves with inertia, the objects move and change their course

For millennia many cultures defined how to act and react in a given situations using scriptures since they can "speak" 24 hours a day during the whole year, they were used as mass control using fear, belonging, capital punishment and exile to the citizens that do not act as written. Among these first books can be named the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, other civilizations copied their formula to allow their civilizations to flourish. Nowadays mass media is used as a way to program how people is expecting to act and react, in this way they are being converted in a fourth dimensional objects, while at the same time loose their own conscience. This has the power of making people to live more as an object (4D) than a person in full control of its own benefit, desires and future (5D).

Metaphysical aspects of the practice: Speaking has a motivation, it has been programmed by society of by individuals, this speaking make us believe that the talks we speaks and how we speak is what we are, it define us in a trap that keep us being view and identified of that of what we speak, do, act, react or work or how we are currently behaving, this gave us a course that benefits other people o sometimes ourselves, and that we can continue or that we can correct and change at will.

The practice


The laboratory consist in a 3 days of practice where the practitioner will observe its own behavior, feelings, reactions of its won body and mind to different stimuli, and the interactions and social dynamic of its relations and environment.

Day one


This is an observational day, we will see the actions and interactions during the day observing the own "desires", the motivations, the triggers and the reactions.

Second day


The second two days will be 2 days of silence: We will live our day with our inner best intentions, and at the same time we will allow to not speak or speak the minimum necessary and use that time to identify provocations, triggers, cultural traps and to plan an re-plan our present and future for our personal growth. We are going to study how are we acting, how are we being, how are we feeling and any external control or misuse of this elements, this will allow us to identify how are we acting and will allow to redefine ourselves and to make some changes to act in our personal safety, growth and benefit.

Third day


We will improve the practice of the second day.



Observation: This practice will allow us to identify unseen controls that were placed in our mental process using culture control, "friendship" and conversations with the objective of make us believe and even speak ideas or believes that where not original part of our way of thinking or behaving, in order to attain the change of perspective of the intended target, giving in this way a change of course or route to the direction that we originally were en-routed, using our own brain, mental processes and talks to generate a inertia to think, believe and behave in ways that benefits a third parting for fun of economic interest, and at the same time make us loose the choose of better options or futures for our won personal, educational, professional or financial benefit.

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