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Demon Snake

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Demon Snake edit

There is a hidden mechanic in-game every kill results in earning Demon Point unlike Heroism. Enough use of lethal force will make Big Boss will turn into having a visually bloody skin.

Demon points are earned through the following methods:

  • Failed Fulton recovery extraction +20
  • Killing animals 20+
  • Destroying support chopper +150
  • Killing Diamond Dogs staff members +180
  • Letting Buddies die +180
  • Killing prisoners with fire +200
  • Developing a nuclear weapon +50,000

Demon points can be removed through the following methods:

  • -10,000 - Getting the Conservation trophy.
  • -30,000 - Dispose of ten nuclear weapons.
  • Extracting animals, child soldiers, VIPs, prisoners and staff

In the mission "Episode : Shining Light" the game requires the players to kill 29 staff members for 5,220 demon points.

When Snake becomes Demon Snake an online Dispatch mission will appear which is called "REFUGEE RESCUE" which needs S+ staff members, takes 7 days to be completed, with no GMP rewards, it resets demon points, and so Snake turns back into normal.

  • Demon Snake has no effect on morale.[1][2]

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Animal Conservation Platform

Animal conservation platform edit

Once deployed equip animal trap and set it up.

When you have captured all the species Conservation achievement on steam will be unlocked (if steam achievement and or/game software does not run into problems).


  • UR= Ultra Rare (usually tied to side ops)
  • UC= Uncommon
  • SR = Super Rare
Animal Rarity Capture? Location
1 Gerbil Common Capture Cage Afghanistan/Africa; Very common in both areas.
2 Long-eared Hedgehog Uncommon Capture Cage Afghanistan; Slightly southeast of Wialo Village.
3 Four-toed Hedgehog UC Capture Cage Africa; Just east of Kiziba Camp.
4 Afghan Pika Rare Capture Cage Afghanistan; At the landing zone southwest of Serak Power Plant.
5 Common Raven C Pick up/Capture Cage Afghanistan/Africa; Can be found flying in a lot of places (Aabe Shifap Ruins is one place); Can be caught in a Capture Cage.
6 Trumpeter Hornbill C Capture Cage Africa; Just east of Kiziba Camp.
7 Black Stork R Capture Cage Afghanistan; Near Wialo Village.
8 Oriental Stork C Fulton Afghanistan; Can be found flying around during Mission 11.
9 Jehuty UR Fulton Africa; Part of Side Ops 49.
10 Lappet-faced Vulture C Fulton/Capture Cage Africa; Task in Mission 13; Can also be captured using a cage north of Kungenga Mines
11 Martial Eagle R Capture Cage Africa; Just north of Kunoko ya Nioka Station, right outside of the northern entrance
12 Karakul Sheep C Fulton Afghanistan; Fairly common throughout the area where Spugmay Keep and Wialo Village; Is also the target for Side Ops 47
13 Cashmere Goat C Fulton Afghanistan; Can be found roaming around at Aabe Shifap Ruins (Day)
14 Nubian C Fulton Africa; Found wandering to the west of Bampeve Plantation (Day)
15 Boer Goat C Fulton Africa; Can be found south of Guard Post #15 (Day)
16 Wild Ass C Fulton Africa/Afghanistan; One spot where they can be found is north of Kunoko ya Nioka Station (Day)
17 Grant’s Zebra C Fulton Africa; Can find some right outside of Nova Braga Airport, closer to the LZ just east of it (Day)
18 Okapi SR Fulton Africa; Go to the LZ to the east of Kungenga Mines, the head directly west towards the place. You should be able to spot some in the clearing on the southern side of the road (Day)
19 African Wild Dog R Fulton Africa; Just to the east of Mfinda Oilfield (Night)
20 Side-striped Jackal C Fulton Africa; Will accompany the Anubis during Side Ops 50
21 Anubis SR Fulton Africa; Part of Side Ops 50
22 Brown Bear R Fulton Afghanistan; Found near landing zone just south of Wakh Sind Barracks
23 Himalayan Brown Bear SR Fulton Afghanistan; Part of Side Ops 48
24 Deathstalker C Capture Cage Afghanistan; Near Wialo Village
25 Emperor Scorpion C Capture Cage Africa; At landing zone just southwest of Nova Braga Airport
26 Oriental Ratsnake UC Capture Cage Afghanistan; Near Wialo Village
27 Tsuchinoko UR Capture Cage Africa; From landing zone east of Kungenga Mines, go north around the rocky terrain and find the water there. Plant the cages in the water.
28 Rainbow Agama UC Capture Cage Africa; Just east of Kiziba Camp
29 Namaqua Chameleon R Capture Cage Africa; At landing zone in between Guard Posts #22 and #23
30 Leopard Gecko C Capture Cage Afghanistan; Fairly common throughout and will likely get alongside the Gerbil and other common animals
31 African Fat-tailed Gecko C Capture Cage Africa; At landing zone just west of Ngumba Industrial Zone (on a rock)
32 African Bullfrog R Capture Cage Africa; From the LZ west of Ngumba Industrial Zone, go northeast until you find a broken bridge. Drop down into the waters below, which is where you want to plant the cages.
33 Russian Tortoise UC Capture Cage Afghanistan; Go slightly northeast from the LZ that is west of Shago Village and plant the cages (not so close together) on top of the largest dune you can find.
34 Leopard Tortoise UC Capture Cage Africa; From the landing zone south of Masa Village, go past the waterfall and up the hill, then plant the cages right there.
35 Rock Hyrax R Capture Cage Africa; Follow the beaten road southeast from the LZ just east of Mfinda Oilfield. When you come to the intersection, plant the cages on the east side of that intersection.
36 Tree Pangolin SR Capture Cage Africa; At the landing zone just east of Nova Braga Airport
37 Sand Cat R Capture Cage Afghanistan; There are two LZs southeast of Lamar Khaate Palace. You want to go to the one that is a little more north of the other. Plant the cages at the LZ.
38 Caracal SR Capture Cage Afghanistan; Go to the LZ to the southeast of Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. From there, head ever so slightly to the northeast, to the top of the small hill and plant the cages.
39 African Civet SR Capture Cage Africa; Land at the LZ south and slightly west from Bampeve Plantation and plant the cages there.
40 Marsh Mongoose SR Capture Cage Africa; Land near Kiziba Camp and go to the southern side of it. You want to plant the cages in the water due south of the camp.
41 Red Fox R Capture Cage Afghanistan; At the landing zone due east of Wakh Sind Barracks
42 Blanford’s Fox SR Capture Cage Afghanistan; Find guard post #4 and land nearby, then follow the mountains as you go west. You should see a haoma on your map, which is where you want to be. Plant the cages slightly southwest from that haoma.
43 Honey Badger SR Capture Cage Africa/Afghanistan; Land at the LZ to the east of Kiziba Camp. Go southeast a bit and look for the open field, which is where you want to plant the cages.


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