Metal Gear Series/Solid Snake Era

This is a timeline of fictional events that took place in the Metal Gear series, as well as fictional and non-fictional events that are referred to in the series. This timeline only covers canonical games and does not include side-stories or unofficial sequels.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

1990s edit

1995 edit

Average ratio of Japanese GNP per population to world average exceeds 60%.

NASA develops experimental walking tank for exploring planets.

Outer Heaven Uprising:

  • Operation Intrude N312: Big Boss sends Gray Fox to Outer Heaven to gather data about the new ultimate weapon in development. Several days later, after his final report "Metal Gear...", contact with him is lost.[1]
    • Big Boss sends Solid Snake, a new rookie in FOXHOUND, on a mission to Outer Heaven.
  • Operation Intrude N313 (the events of Metal Gear).
  • Outer Heaven is decimated.

1996 edit

  • Solid Snake retires from FOXHOUND and moves to Alaska.[2]
  • The Mobile ICBM (Inter-continental Ballistic Missile) is totally abandoned.
  • LSI (Large-Scale Integrated circuit) production using reso-graphy and SOR (Successive Over-Relaxation) begins.
  • First completed Metal Gear developed in Zanzibar Province.

1997 edit

  • Zanzibar Land Independence War (War of the Mercenaries) takes place against the USSR. Zanzibar Land proclaims its independence after claiming victory, which is achieved through the efforts of mercenaries from all around the world. Zanzibar Land becomes an armed fortified nation.
  • Tactical nuclear weapons are totally abandoned (Third Zero).
  • Development of high-speed reproductive nuclear plants advance rapidly.

1998 edit

  • Chemical weapons are totally abandoned.
  • Third Oil Shock.
  • Super-LSI with 100 M-bit class of memory in one chip becomes available.
  • Metal Gear D is developed in Zanzibar Land.

1999 edit

Metal Gear G (Gustav) units are mass-produced in Zanzibar Land.

Zanzibar Land Disturbance:

  • USA and USSR storage quarters for weapons disposal are raided by Zanzibar Land.[3]
  • Dr. Kio Marv, the inventor of "Oilix", is kidnapped and taken to Zanzibar Land.[3]
  • December: Roy Campbell, the new leader of FOXHOUND, calls Solid Snake out of retirement to send him on a mission to Zanzibar Land.[3]
  • December 24 - December 25: Operation Intrude F014 (the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake).[3]

December 25 - 31:

  • Solid Snake returns to his retirement in Alaska and settles down at Twin Lakes.[2]
  • Big Boss' corpse is recovered by the US Government.[2]
  • Zanzibar Land is decimated.[3]

2000s edit

2000 edit

  • Roy Campbell retires as FOXHOUND's commanding officer. Liquid Snake joins FOXHOUND and takes his place as the new field commander.
  • George Sears (Solidus Snake) is "elected" President of the United States.[2]

2003 edit

  • Gray Fox escapes confinement and kills Dr. Clark, FOXHOUND's chief of medical staff and leader of the Genome project. Naomi Hunter covers up the incident as a lab accident and replaces Clark as medical chief.[2]
  • Development of Metal Gear REX instigated by a joint conspiracy between Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman, DARPA Chief Donald Anderson, and Armstech President Kenneth Baker, all behind the Patriots back. Black Budget funding from the Pentagon diverted from Navy to the Rex Project.[2]

2004 edit

President Sears elected for a second term.[4]

2005 edit

Cosplay of Metal Gear Rex.

Shadow Moses Incident (the events of Metal Gear Solid).[2]

President Sears is removed from office, after the exposure of the Genome Army and Metal Gear REX, by the Patriots. He goes in to hiding and reverts to his codename, Solidus Snake. He is succeeded by James Johnson.[4]

Sometime during this year, Revolver Ocelot attaches Liquid Snake's arm through surgery in France as a replacement for the hand he lost in his confrontation with Cyborg Ninja.[4]

2007 edit

August 8: Tanker Incident (takes place in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty).

August - December: Solid Snake and Otacon steal Liquid Snake's body and use it as a replacement for Solid Snake's, to make the world think he's dead.[4]

2009 edit

April 29 - April 30: Big Shell Incident (takes place in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty).[4]

2010s edit

201X edit

Restrictions on military intervention in foreign countries ease up, creating high demand for mercenaries. Many PMCs (private military companies) are established. Liquid takes advantage of this military boom and re-establishes Outer Heaven to be an overseer of the five biggest PMCs. He creates a giant army equal in power to the US's armed forces.

2014 edit

The UN locates Liquid Snake (Liquid Ocelot) in the Middle East and Solid Snake is recruited to infiltrate the new Outer Heaven and take out Liquid Ocelot (the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots).[5]

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