Messier 88 (also known as M88 or NGC 4501) is a w:spiral galaxy about 47 million w:light-years away in the w:constellation w:Coma Berenices. The galaxy is a member of the w:Virgo Cluster. It was discovered by w:Charles Messier in w:1781.

Messier 88[1]
File:Messier object 088 DSS2.jpg
Spiral Galaxy Messier 88
Observation data (w:J2000 epoch)
Constellationw:Coma Berenices
Right ascension12h 31m 59.2s[2]
Declination+14° 25′ 14″[2]
TypeSA(rs)b[2], HII Sy2[2]
Apparent magnitude (V)10.4[2]
Other designations
NGC 4501, UGC 7675, PGC 41517, VCC 1401[2]

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