Messier Index/M43

Messier 43 (also known as M43, De Mairan's Nebula, and NGC 1982) is an w:H II region in the w:Orion constellation. It was discovered by w:Jean-Jacques Dortous de Mairan before w:1731. The De Mairan's Nebula is part of the w:Orion Nebula, separated from the main nebula by a lane of w:dust. It is part of the much larger w:Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.

Messier 43
M43 HST.jpg
De Mairan's Nebula (M43)
Observation data: w:J2000 epoch
Type Reflection and Emission
Right ascension 05h 35.6m
Declination -05° 16′
Distance 1.6 w:kly
Apparent magnitude (V) +9.0
Apparent dimensions (V) 20′x15′
Constellation Orion
Physical characteristics
Notable features Trapezium cluster
Other designations M43, NGC 1982,
De Mairan's Nebula

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