Messier 110 (also known as M110 and NGC 205) is a w:dwarf elliptical galaxy that is a satellite of the w:Andromeda Galaxy.[4] M110 contains some dust and hints of recent star formation, which is unusual for dwarf elliptical galaxies in general.[4]

Messier 110[1]
Observation data (w:J2000 epoch)
Right ascension00h 40m 22.1s[3]
Declination+41° 41′ 07″[3]
TypeE5 pec[3]
Apparent magnitude (V)8.92[3]
Other designations
NGC 0205[3], PGC 002429[3], MCG +07-02-014[3], IRAS 00376+4124[3], LEDA 2429


M110 was serendipitously discovered on August 10, 1773 by w:Charles Messier, who was making observations of the Andromeda Galaxy at the time.[5] The galaxy was independently discovered by w:Caroline Herschel on August 27, 1783; her brother w:William Herschel described her discovery in 1785.[5] Although the galaxy was not originally included in Messier's first catalogue, it was later added by w:Kenneth Glyn Jones in 1966.[5][6] M110 remains the last object added to the Messier catalog.

In 1999, Johnson and Modjaz discovered a w:nova in M110.[7]


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