The Wild Duck Cluster (also known as Messier 11, or NGC 6705) is an w:open cluster in the w:constellation w:Scutum. It was discovered by w:Gottfried Kirch in 1681. w:Charles Messier included it in his catalogue in 1764.

Wild Duck Cluster
The Wild Duck Cluster (M11-NGC 6705)
Observation data (J2000.0 epoch)
Right ascension18h 51.1m
Declination−06° 16′
Distance6,200 ly (1,900 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)6.3
Apparent dimensions (V)14.0′
Other designationsMessier 11, NGC 6705

The Wild Duck Cluster is one of the richest and most compact of the known open clusters, containing about 2900 w:stars. Its age has been estimated to about 220 million years. Its name derives from the brighter stars forming a triangle which could represent a flying flock of w:ducks.

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