Mega Man X timeline edit

20th Century edit

  • Circa 1958: Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily are born
  • 1980s: Thomas Light and Albert W. Wily receive degrees in Electrical Engineering.
  • 1990s: Light Labs is founded by Drs. Light and Wily.

21st Century edit

  • 2000s: Light Labs creates robots to make life easier for humans- household and industrial robots are made.
  • 2005: Project Robot Master begins with the creation of Proto Man, who goes awol.
  • 2006: Rock and Roll are created.
  • 2007: Dr. Light receives the Nobel Prize for the creation of the Robot Masters and wins the LIT Manual Design contest.
  • 2008: Begining of the Wily Wars- Wily revolts and Rock is converted into Mega Man.
  • 18th September, 20XX (2020s?): Dr. Thomas Light seals his advanced robotic creation, Mega Man X, in a capsule for an intended period of 30 years, knowing that he will not live to complete his research of X and hoping that someone in the future will be able to carry on his research. Furthermore, Light knows that X's freewill and emotions allow him to make his own decisions, which brings with him great possibilities as well as great risks.
  • Circa 2040: Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert W. Wily die of old age.
  • Circa 2050: Dr. Cain is born.
  • 2070s: Cain receives his degree in archaeology.

22nd Century edit

  • April 8th, 2115: Dr. Cain and his archaeological team begin digging for fossilized plant life from the Mesozoic period but decide to move to a new location and see if they can turn up better results.
  • April 9th, 2115: Dr. Cain gets some odd readings- what appears to be a metallic structure buried below the surface of where the team is digging.
  • April 10th, 2115: Cain finds the ruins of Dr. Thomas Light's lab.
  • April 13th, 2115: Dr. Cain finds a capsule with a warning on it, but decides to open it anyway...
  • April 14th, 2115: Cain describes meeting X, an artificial being that Light gave the ability to think and make its own decisions.
  • April 15th, 2115: Dr. Cain believes that he may be able to replicate X's design.
  • November 22nd, 2115: With X's help, Dr. Cain constructs his first "Reploid" (advanced robot, or "replicant," based on X's design), named Sigma and says that his strength and intelligence are limitless.
  • January 3rd, 2116: Cain describes in his journal the fact that Reploid assembly lines have been running for weeks.
  • February 16th, 2116: After the first three "Maverick" incidents which harmed two people, the Council urges Dr. Cain to create the Maverick Hunters under the leadership of Sigma.
  • May 16th, 2116: Cain states in his journal that Sigma and the Hunters have been able to prevent further injury but that he is worried about X. X seems unsure about his place in the world, but Cain believes that given time X will find his way.
  • Unknown Time Length (21XX): The Hunters discover the ruins of Dr. Wily's lab with a maverick later identified to be Zero, the last of Wily's creations, whom Sigma himself defeats. Sigma is exposed to a virus contained in the helmet of Zero, which seems to cause Zero great pain and costs him the battle. Zero is taken to Hunter HQ and repaired by Cain and becomes a Hunter under Sigma's wing.
  • June 4th, 2119 (3 months later): The first large-scale Maverick revolt. Sigma revolts as well, taking several Hunters with him. X, who was trained by Sigma as well, and Zero lead the Hunters into battle to quell the rebellion...The events of Mega Man X (SNES).
  • December, 2119 (6 months later): The events of Mega Man X2 (SNES).
  • Early-2120s: The events of Mega Man X3 (SNES, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation).
  • Mid-2120s: The Repliforce is created by Cain Labs in order to compensate for the failure of the Sigma and Doppler projects as well as further Reploid Sciences and Technology.
  • Mid-2120s: The events of Mega Man X4 (Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn).
  • Late-2120s: Dr. Cain retires out of guilt for the failure of the Sigma, Doppler, and Repliforce projects as well as the fact that many of his Reploids tend to go Maverick. Furthermore, Cain is in his late-70s.
  • Circa 2130: Signas, a Reploid created by Dr. Cain with the most advanced CPU of all Reploids, takes command of the Maverick Hunters.
  • Early-2130s: Signas aquaints himself with the Hunters as the Hunters clean up the mess left by the Repliforce incident.
  • Circa 2135: Dr. Cain dies of old age.
  • Mid-late-2130s: As the population of the Earth grows, humans begin to build space station-like colonies around the Earth and begin to invest money in the space program.
  • 2140s: The events of Mega Man X5 (Sony PlayStation and PC).
  • 2140s (3 weeks later): The events of Mega Man X6 (Sony PlayStation and PC).
  • 2140s-2160s: Reploids rebuild the Earth after the Eurasia colony incident and the spreading of the new Sigma virus throughout the planet.
  • Early-2160s: The events of Mega Man X7 (Sony PlayStation 2 and PC).
  • Early-2170s: The events of Mega Man X8 (Sony PlayStation 2 and PC).
  • 2170s-2200: Humans and Reploids, thanks to the Jakob's Tower and the lack of the threat of Sigma, continue to expand the space program and a new age of prosperity dawns on the Earth with the space program thanks to the "New Generation" Reploids.

23rd Century edit

  • 2202: Force Metal is extracted from the debris of the small planet 2202XA8 and with it Force Metal technology revolutionizes the field of Reploid Engineering.
  • 2210s (a few years later): The events of Mega Man X: Command Mission (Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft XBox, and Nintendo GameCube).
  • 22XX: The Elf Wars mentioned in the Mega Man Zero series take place and X and Zero take part in the wars (these events happen before Zero seals himself away).
  • 22XX: Zero decides he is a present danger to society. He discusses options with a mysterious scientist and decides to seal himself away in a capsule in order to prevent himself from turning into a Maverick- at least for the next 102 years. X is left to handle the battles to come on his own (presumably).

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