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Dr. Thomas Light edit

Dr. Thomas Light, foremost robitics engineer of the 21st century and creator of Mega Man X.
  • Born: Circa 1958 (He and Dr. Wily are said to be 57 by the events of Rockman & Forte according to Capcom in that game's official Japanese manual)
  • Died: Circa 2040 (This date is unknown, but he would have been 82 by 2040)
  • Occupation: Founder of Light Labs in the 20th century and foremost robotics engineer in the 21st century; He created Rock (the original Mega Man), many Robot Masters, and was the designer of Mega Man X. He "lives on" as a sentient AI in the 22nd and 23rd centuries.
  • Likes: Internet and helping those in need.
  • Dislikes: Violence.

Dr. Thomas Light was born in 1958 and received his degree from the same university as his good friend Dr. Albert W. Wily in Electrical Engineering in the 1980s. With the major advancements in technology in the mid-1990s, Light and Wily went on to found Light Labs with the goal to further technological advancements and the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. By the 2000s, Light and Wily had created several robots to ease human life and by the middle of the decade they had begun developing Robot Masters. Though Blues/Proto Man went awol (he was a success nonetheless), Light and Wily insisted on creating two more- Rock and Roll and then the six industrial robots, which attained him the 2007 Nobel Prize. Wily's revolt the following year would cause panic throughout the world, and Rock's strong sense of justice urged Light to convert him into the fighting robot known thenceforth as Mega Man. Wily, however, would not be brought to justice at the hands of Mega Man and Dr. Light as easily as they had hoped, so for many years the world was plagued by a course of violent struggles known as the Wily Wars.

Later in his life, however, Dr. Light realized that he could create an artificial being that was even more advanced than any of the Robot Masters that he and Wily had ever created. So he began to develop an extremely advanced AI system and then a body for it, and this project soon came to be known as Mega Man X. As Light described X, he had the capability to feel emotions and make his own decisions in life, and in addition to that, he was built far more advanced than anything the world had ever seen. Yet, Light was far from being able to test X's capabilities out, and knowing that X could pose great risks if falling into the wrong hands or if making terrible decisions of his own (he did not have to follow the laws of robotics), he decided that since he was not going to live to finish his research on X (he was most likely working on X during the 2020s), he would seal him in a capsule for a period of 30 years (though due to some unknown course of events he was sealed for longer).

In the 22nd and 23rd centuries, Dr. Light, though physically dead, lives on mentally due to the fact that he has had his mind uploaded into a computer so that he has become an "Artificial Intelligence." He is a sentient being now that is capable of interacting with X and others, and he is often seen as a holographic projection in capsules spread throughout the landscape that X comes across which offer him part upgrades. X talks to Light and Light learns from X the condition of the world and often expresses remorse, saying that he hoped that X would get to experience a peaceful life (that was his desire for Rock, whom he had hoped would simply live as his son, not as a "war machine"), but he knows that X must also act as the defender of humanity if necessary.

Thus, the good doctor lives on, his mind and spirit continuing to make the world better for humanity and Reploids alike!

Dr. Albert W. Wily edit

File:Normal wilyarms.gif
Dr. Albert W. Wily, creator of Zero and rival of Dr. Light and Mega Man in the 21st century.
  • Born: Circa 1958 (see comments on Dr. Light)
  • Died: Circa 2040 (see comments on Dr. Light)
  • Occupation: Co-founded Light Labs with Dr. Light in the 1990s and built many Robot Masters with him; became jealous and rebelled and started the Wily Wars of the 2000s, 2010s, and possibly beyond. Wily created Zero, one of the first advanded robots, and "lives on" in the 22nd and possibly 23rd centuries as an AI that is embodied at times (Isoc).
  • Likes: World domination.
  • Dislikes: Mega Man, X, and all those who oppose him.

Albert W. Wily was born in the mid-20th century and went to school with Thomas Light, receiving a doctorate degree in electrical engineering in the 1980s. They both saw the technological advances of the 1990s as the perfect opportunity to found a scientific research institute, known as Light Labs, formed with the intention of furthering advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics. In the early-2000s, Dr. Light and Wily built several lines of robots that made humanity's life much easier, and by the middle of the decade their Robot Master project won Dr. Light the 2007 Nobel Prize and Light also won the LIT Manual Design contest whereas Wily only received honorable mention status in both.

Thus, his jealousy boiled over the next year, and then he reprogrammed the six industrial robots and most of the other robots that he could get his hands on in the lab (though failing to reprogram Rock and Roll), and fled to start his own rebellion. Little did he know, however, that Rock would have the strong sense of justice to wish to be converted into the fighting robot Mega Man, which would prove to be his greatest nemesis.

Wily continued to revolt, and the ensuing years of war came to be known as the Wily Wars.

Wily began to experiment throughout these wars with the idea of building far more powerful Robot Masters, and Bass was an example of one of these experiments, and was revealed as an "accidental creation" as Wily was experimenting with a new element known as Bassnium. Later, Wily created the Robot King, though Bass in his arrogance would ally with Mega Man to prove that he was superior and King would not be as strong as Wily had thought. Later, however, Wily revealed that he was constructing an "invincible" (by the standards of those years) robot whom Bass described as "girly" (this robot was Zero, and the picture of him being revealed is seen previously in this article). It is unknown exactly what happens when Wily completes this advanced robot and what leads to Zero being sealed in a capsule in Wily's lab, but Zero is not discovered until the Maverick Hunters find him in the early-22nd Century.

Wily lives on in the 22nd and possibly 23rd centuries as a sentient artificial intelligence that is sometimes given a body, such as was the case with the Reploid known as Isoc. He was also suspected as having been the one who repaired Zero upon his "death" during the Eurasia incident. Thus, the evil genious lives on even though his physical body has long-since died...

Dr. Cain edit

Dr. Cain, foremost archaeologist of the 21st and 22nd centuries and father of the Reploid Race.
  • Born: Circa 2050 (unknown, though he is depicted as being in his 60s in early games)
  • Died: Circa 2135 (this date is unknown, though he retired after the Eurasia incident and after he placed Signas, his creation, as head of the Hunters and by this date he would be 85)
  • Occupation: Originally an archaeologist; Cain discovers Mega Man X and founds the Reploid Race of artificial beings based on X's design. When Mavericks begin to appear, Cain creates the Maverick Hunters at the Council's urging and is its leader (not the general) until his retirement later in life.
  • Likes: Studying the past and its effects on the present and future; Helping those in need.
  • Dislikes: Those that destroy peace between humans and Reploids.

Dr. Cain was most likely born in the mid-21st century (he is portrayed as being in his mid-60s in the early Mega Man X games) and received his degree in Archaeology in the 2070s. He did a lot of research and eventually formed a team that did digs throughout the world, and he was one of the foremost archaeologists in the 21st century and early-22nd century.

As mentioned in his journal (The Journal of Dr. Cain), from April 10th through 13th of 2115, Cain and his team, while conducting a dig for fossilized plantlife from the Mesozoic Era, discover the ruins of Dr. Thomas Light's lab. Inside Light's lab Cain uncovers much of Light's research in which he discusses in great detail an "advanced artificial being" called Mega Man X. Cain becomes intrigued with what he reads about X, though of course he takes into account the warnings Light has left behind. Further inside, Cain finds X sealed within his capsule. On April 14th, 2115, Cain has a conversation with X and is intrigued.

By December of 2115, Cain creates Sigma, the first "advanced robot" based on a "replication" of X's design- hence he is called a Reploid. By February of 2116, Reploid assembly lines become common place due to the popularity of Cain's Reploids, though in March of 2116 the first three Maverick incidents spark the Council to urge Cain to form a group of Reploids to counter this movement- the Maverick Hunters.

When Zero is discovered as a Maverick in the ruins of Dr. Wily's lab a year or two later and brought down thanks to the efforts of Sigma, Dr. Cain manages to neutralize the Maverick effects and allows Zero to become one of the best Hunters there has ever been.

Unfortunately, the Maverick Revolt that starts in June of 2119 and recurrs in December of that year were led by Sigma and Mavericks that were under the influence of the virus infecting him and his manipulation, and these events would change the course of the world forever.

Consequently, when Cain created the Reploid Scientist Dr. Doppler in the early-2120s in the hopes that Doppler would create a utopia where humans and Reploids could live together in peace and create an anti-virus to the Sigma Virus, Doppler also went Maverick because of Sigma, though later he was brought to his senses by X and Zero and together they managed to defeat Sigma.

Finally, to compensate for past failures, Cain Labs, Cain's scientific research and development corporation, created the Repliforce and all the Reploids associated with it in the mid-2120s though they would be declared Maverick because of actions instanciated by Sigma and the fact that Reploids would constantly fight for "independence" for one reason or another due to the corrupting effects of Sigma, the Repliforce Rebellion began the nearly century of fighting known as the Reploid Wars.

Dr. Cain retired (according to the manual of Mega Man X5) out of guilt for the failure of the Sigma, Doppler, and Repliforce incidents, and the overall fact that many of his Reploids and Reploids in general seem to turn Maverick. He retires in the late-2120s, but in the year 2130 he creates Signas, a Reploid with the most advanced CPU of all other Reploids in the world, to take over command of the Maverick Hunters.

On a side-note, Dr. Cain's name has biblical significance, since Cain in the Bible betrayed Abel and his family, being one of the original sinners, so it is seen that, in some light, perhaps unintentionally Cain "betrayed" humanity by imperfectly duplicating X's design.

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