MediaWiki User Guide/Images

Mediawiki supports the use of images in various formats. In order to be used in a wiki, image first needs to be uploaded, to which we come later.

Placing images edit

The following is an overview of placing images into pages, such images that have already been uploaded.

Placing of images
Task Markup Default Frame Note
Image [[Image:image_name.png]] No The image is shown in its full size as found in the file.
Image with thumb [[Image:image_name.png|thumb|A caption text of the image.]] Yes Thumbs are always scaled down so as not to exceed an upper limit on the size.
Image without thumb, with restricted size [[Image:image_name.png|150px]] No


  • 'right'
  • 'left'
  • 'center'
  • 'none'

Galleries edit

Images can be put into a gallery as follows. Notice the absent "[[" and "]]" around the names of the image files.


Images in galleries can be given captions, as follows.

Image:name_1.png | Caption 1.
Image:name_2.jpeg | Caption 2.

Uploading images edit


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