Mechanics of Materials

Author(s): Aaron D. Mazzeo


This Wikibook is to provide living content for an undergraduate course in mechanics of materials or strength of materials. The material here will eventually be of sufficient quality and interest for self-learning or prescribed study by instructors/faculty members. One objective is that the material here would facilitate in-class discussions, group projects, or problem-solving that would leverage the instructors' expertise to enhance learning outcomes. Another objective is to facilitate students, instructors, professionals, and interested users adding/curating content to accommodate learning styles that might benefit from a spectrum of insights coming from learners and teachers with diverse backgrounds. The course will draw on material openly available with inspiration from key relevant texts.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] There is also a crowd-sourced mind map available (needs updating) on GitHub for this Wikibook on undergraduate mechanics of materials.

Chapters and Syllabus for Printable PDFEdit


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