MeGUI/Video Encoder Configuration

There are four different video configuration dialogues, one for each video codec. You can access them by clicking the Config button next to the video codec selection on the main window.

Common Settings edit

  • Mode: The mode is used to determine the type of encode the codec will perform:
  • CBR/ABR: CBR (Constant BitRate) and ABR (Average BitRate) are both single pass modes. They will run through the video once and encode from that. CBR will use exactly the bitrate specified per second, while ABR will attempt to intelligently vary it in order to get the best visual quality.
  • Automated 2/3pass: Using the automated pass methods will automatically set up the required multiple passes in MeGUI. The same options will be used for every pass (apart from the first if Turbo is checked).
  • 1st/2nd/3rd pass: If you want more control over your pass settings, you can set every pass up individually. You will have to set up every pass you want this way, MeGUI will not detect or setup missing passes.
  • Constant Quantizer/Quality: Encode the file in one pass to a specified quantizer/quality, resulting in a known quality and unknown filesize (as compared to other modes which have known filesize & unknown quality). For the difference between constant quality and constant quantizer (only applies to x264), read this.
  • Bitrate: The bitrate specifies the amount of data per second that the video codec is allowed to use. In VBR mode, it represents the overall average for the length of the movie.
  • Logfile: When encoding a first pass, the video encoder will run through the movie and write statistics about it to a log file for use in subsequent passes. With this option, you can specify the location of the pass if you want to. The default location is in the output directory. For LMP4/XviD this option is on the last page, for x264/Snow it is on the first.
  • Keyframe Interval: The maximum interval between keyframes
  • Zones: Used to apply a variety of compression to a single file. To use, go to the "Zones" tab in the configuration window. Click preview. Use the slider and the Zone Start/End buttons to select your zone. Click Set. Close the window and return to the "Zones" tab. Choose between a Quantizer and Weight mode, and set your Quantizer or Bitrate respectively. Click "Update".
  • The options at the bottom of every page are used to control profiles. The drop-down box is used to load profiles, New is used to save the current options to a new profile, and Delete is used to delete the current profile.

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