Mario franchise strategy guide/Bosses/Wizpig

Wizpig is the main antagonist and final boss of Diddy Kong Racing. Wizpig's name is a portmanteau word combining 'wizard' and 'pig'. Resembling nothing so much as a giant anthropomorphic pig, Wizpig is a spiteful space alien who hails from the planet "Future Fun Land". Unlike many fictional villains, Wizpig's goals are not power or riches. Instead, he is a bully who travels from planet to planet, causing destruction wherever he goes, and only leaves when there is nothing left on a planet to entertain him. On his own planet he is the champion racer and the purpose of his havoc from world to world is to challenge the planet's champion(s) so that he may beat them himself. At the time when he lands on Timber's Island, Wizpig has never yet been defeated. He seals off the island's famous race courses, takes control of their inhabitants, and evicts Taj the genie from his mountain, transforming it into his own likeness and setting up home there (he also evicts Pipsy from her home). The island's most experienced racer, Drumstick, challenges Wizpig to a race, but Wizpig turns him into a frog.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Desperately trying to get rid of Wizpig, Timber sends a letter to Diddy Kong. With the help of various friends, they confront Wizpig and defeat him in a race. Wizpig's lair is actually a track. However, The track's only entrance is blocked off by the Wizpig head. If a player gets the complete Wizpig amulet, the mouth opens up and then the player can fly down the tunnel to face Wizpig. This is the only race track in the game with no balloons, but it is also the only boss fight in the game that has zippers.

After he is defeated, Wizpig turns the lighthouse into a rocket and pilots it to "Future Fun Land". Here, the player must defeat him when he is riding a rocket. After he is defeated once again, Wizpig's rocket malfunctions and he crash lands on an unknown planet, believed to be the moon. It is not revealed what happens to him next; the implication is that he is still alive and plotting his revenge.

Additionally, some ghosts shaped like Wizpig's head appear in the "Haunted Woods" stage. They are in themselves harmless, and are apparently only there for decoration, or perhaps to distract the players. It is unlikely that these are intended to be Wizpig's actual ghosts as he is certainly not dead at the time they first appear.

Wizpig is now an unlockable character in Diddy Kong Racing DS.