Nitro Grand Prix


Mushroom Cup

Figure-8 Circuit
As the name implies, the course shaped like the number eight (8), similar to the Luigi Circuit course in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Unlike Luigi Circuit, however, part of the road is lifted off of the ground to make it a perfect eight. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Yoshi Falls
A lush waterfall setting that circles around a large pit. There are two lanes to the stage, one leading to the waterfall and the other leading to a bridge. Taking the inward turn (waterfall) shaves seconds off of your time, however, it is more dangerous because of the current. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Cheep Cheep Beach
An island inhabited by the Cheep Cheep enemies from the Mario games containing several jumps. The water rises and falls, sometimes making the jumps necessary to keep from falling down. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Luigi's Mansion
This track is clearly lifted from the GameCube game of the same name. In addition to the usual Boos from the game, also included in this course is red murky water and walking trees. Playable via Wi-Fi.

Flower Cup

Desert Hills
A desert track, the race features fireballs, tight hairpins and Pokeys. The hairpins can however be avoided by boosting over the sand hills that line them, saving valuable seconds. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Delfino Square
Based on Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine, this track runs through the middle of a town. The streets are narrow and twisting. One shortcut exists in the harbour; an alleyway. The alleyway contains deep mud however, and players must boost through it or lose speed. Another shortcut includes cutting through trees, and boosting over a jump to get to a dock with an item box on it. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Waluigi Pinball
A difficult track based on a massive pinball table, the start line leads to a massive boost ramp. After this, the track descends downhill on a tight series of hairpins. Not playable via Wi-Fi.
Shroom Ridge
A cliff-top roadway, this track features dangerous moving traffic and perilous un-fenced cliffs. However, nudging other rivals into the path of cars can slow them down. Not playable via Wi-Fi.

Star Cup

DK Pass
A huge snow-covered mountain that first needs to be ascended before a decent back to the start/finish line. A narrow and twisting path leads you onto a more open snowfield where giant snow balls can smash into you. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Tick Tock Clock
One of the more complex courses in the game, taken from the Super Mario 64 (DS) location of the same name. Twisting cogs, swinging pendulums and rotating clock hands line you perilous path. Not playable via Wi-Fi.
Mario Circuit
This twisty course has some challenging corners, but they can be the least of your worries. Goombas, Piranha Plants and Fire-Spitting Piranha Plants litter this exciting course. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Airship Fortress
A popular, but dangerous course, set on a warship and damaged fortress in the sky. Features Bullet Bills, Rocky Wrenches and flame throwers, players must be on their guard at all times! Not playable via Wi-Fi.

Special Cup

Wario Stadium
A long and bumpy course featuring pools of mud, many boosts, hills, and rotating fireballs. The sides are lined at times with various banners such as 'Wario GP', 'Waluigi GP' and 'Koopa Kart'. Playable via Wi-Fi.
Peach Gardens
A beautiful course with flowers, bushes and hedge mazes. However, it's not quite as sweet and innocent as it first appears; Chain Chomps run amok and Monty Moles infest the gardens. Not playable via Wi-Fi.
Bowser Castle
Every Mario Kart has had at least one Bowser Castle track and the DS version does not buck this trend. Thwomps, unforgiving corners, lava pools and a perilous spinning cylinder make this one of the toughest courses in the game. Not playable via Wi-Fi.
Rainbow Road
Every Mario Kart ends with one of these. This is one of the more popular Rainbow Road tracks to date with loop the loops, corkscrews, speed boosts and is not too long. Some areas of the track have barriers, but others don't so watch out! Playable via Wi-Fi.

Retro Grand Prix


All of these courses are remade courses from previous Mario Kart games.

Shell Cup


Mario Circuit 1

Moo Moo Farm

Peach Circuit

Luigi Circuit

Banana Cup


Donut Plains 1

Frappe Snowland

Bowser Castle 2

Baby Park

Leaf Cup


Koopa Beach 2

Choco Mountain

Luigi Circuit

Mushroom Bridge

Lightning Cup


Choco Island 2

Banshee Boardwalk

Sky Garden

Yoshi Circuit