Mario Kart: Double Dash!!/Bob-omb Blast

Bob-omb Blast a type of battle mode in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Techniques edit

  • Drop - This drops a bomb behind you, which then explodes upon contact or when the fuse runs out. This move can be executed by hitting the Y or X button and pressing back with the control stick.
  • Throw - This throws a bomb the normal distance in front of you. This move can be executed by driving and hitting the Y or X button or by staying still and not pressing the control stick.
  • Hurl - This throws a bomb a far distance in front of you. This move can be executed by either backing up or staying still, and pressing the Y or X button while pressing forward on the control stick.
  • Super Lob - This throws a bomb extremely high and far. It is executed by holding up on the control stick while moving forward and hurling it.

Strategies edit

  • Screen Watching - By watching the screen of your opponents, you can anticipate their moves. This strategy is extremely effective and advanced players often watch their opponents' screens more than their own.
  • The Line - The Line is executed by dropping several bombs quickly in the path of your opponent. This leaves your opponent with little way to avoid your bombs. This is very useful while driving on narrow roads, such as the hallways in Luigi's Mansion. To avoid the Line, try using Screen Watching.
  • Ricocheting - By using the Throw, Hurl and Super Lob, it is possible to ricochet bombs off walls. This technique can become extremely effective when coupled with Screen Watching.
  • Backing Up - Although slow, Backing Up can be useful to execute the Hurl or to avoid the Line.
  • Avoid the Blue - In the Block City stage, as a general rule, it is a good idea to avoid the blue colored area. While filled with bombs, its lower elevation makes it easy to throw bombs into. Also, it is very difficult to throw bombs out of.
  • Cyclone of Terror - The execute this move, throw several bombs while using the Spin Turn. In small areas with walls, Ricocheting coupled with this move can produce damaging results.
  • Character Selection - Since all characters throw the same distance, it is prudent to select smaller characters, as they are harder to hit.

Stage Selection edit

Although there a six stages to select from, Block City and Luigi's Mansion are the best suited for Bob-omb Blast. The extensive Ricochet possibilities of Block City make it a great option of games with any amount of players. The large size of Luigi's Mansion makes it perfectly suited for games with 3 or 4 players.

Alternative Methods of Play edit

Try placing paper around the radar and control your tiny dot.

Handicap Methods edit

If one person is clearly superior to the other, but you still want to engage in competition, you can use a handicap method. One handicap is that the superior player refrains from throwing bombs, only using the drop technique.