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Thank you for checking out this Wikibook about mapping on YouTube! This book aims to help the reader understand the definition, history and practice of mapping.

Mapping is an internet fandom based on an animated, cartographic representation of historical, fictional or future events.[1] People who create mapping content are self-dubbed mappers. Mapping content is shared on video platforms, such as YouTube, and its style sometimes involves countryballs, especially on fictional mapping. Mapping can also be seen with text and blank maps.

A section of the screen is usually set off to give information. On fictional mapping, it would revolve around a country, such as its official name and flag, and also has dialogue between interacting entities; while on videomapping it normally details sides of a military conflict and occurrences during events. Videos often contain music and other animation to increase the entertainment.

Mapping as a topic has many wikis about it, such as The Mapping Wiki,[2] TheFutureOfEuropes Wiki[3] and more.

It should be noted that mapping is not exclusive to YouTube, as many smaller platforms have got mapping communities of their own, including but not limited to: Amino, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Scratch and formerly Google+. However, this book focuses on YouTube as it houses by far the most mapping and mappers.

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The History of Mapping edit

Early MervueMeringue Era edit

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Disorganized Era edit

Rennaisance Era edit

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First Recession Era edit

First Peaceful Era edit

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Second Recession Era edit

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Summer Cultural Era edit

Autumn Cultural Era edit

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Second Cultural Era edit

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Alt Recession Era edit

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Romanian Era edit

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How To Be a Mapper edit

Mapping Representations edit

Fictional Mapping edit
Edge Mapping (Eradiate) edit
Storyline Mapping (VoidViper) edit
Visual Mapping (Japanese Mapping) edit
2015-Style Mapping (LV) edit
Videomapping edit

Mapping Tools edit

Map & Story Tools edit
Adobe Photoshop edit
Paint.NET edit
Postproduction Tools(i.e. putting slides together and music) edit
Windows Movie Maker edit
iMovie edit
Final Cut Pro edit
Adobe Premiere Pro edit

Mapping Walkthrough edit

Creating a Map edit

Adding the Country Names edit

Making the Textbox edit

Creating Your First Slide edit

Wars: The Life of Mapping edit

Recap So Far edit

Putting the Slides Together edit

Adding the Music edit

Choosing Your Channel Name edit

Publishing Your Video edit

Mappers edit

References edit

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