Mandelbulb3D/Reference/Top Toolbar

Mandelbulb3D Top Toolbar highlighted in the Main Window

Top Toolbar edit

At the top left of the Main Window is a toolbar or panel referred to here as the Top Toolbar. It consists of three main areas: Plug-ins, Tabs, and Viewing.

Plug-ins edit

On the upper left corner of the Main Window we find a collection of buttons labeled Animations, Navigator, and so on. These buttons launch plug-in program modules to extend the functionality of Mandelbulb3D. The plug-in windows receive scene parameters from the Main Window, and can sometimes send scene parameters back to the Main Window.

Top Toolbar Tabs edit

To the right of the Plug-in buttons is a group of tabs labeled Open, Save, and so on. These tabs give access to tools for file management, preferences, and additional tools such as the Monte Carlo Renderer.

Viewing and Image edit

Viewing and Image controls are located on the right of the Top Toolbar. These settings interact to determine the resolution of the rendering, the display within the Image pane, and the saved image file.

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