Postprocess edit

The Postprocess window performs essential rendering and compositing functions. Global lighting and shading effects such as shadows, ambient occlusion, reflections and transparency are all controlled from this window.

The Postprocess window is launched from its button in the Side Panel of the Main Window. It can be docked or un-docked from the Main window from a context menu. Right-click the Postprocess button and choose and option to stick or unstick the Postprocess window to the Main window.

Render passes edit

After Mandelbulb3D completes rendering the diffuse component in the Main Window, it renders the optional components enabled in the Postprocess window. These are essentially render passes held in system memory. Each render component is automatically composited with the previous ones in a linear sequence. The flow of calculation is from the top to the bottom of the Postprocess window. When all components are composited, the final result is often referred to as the beauty pass.

The various components can be rendered separately by clicking the Calculate Now button in each section. However, this may give unexpected results if the subsequent render components are not also re-rendered. When a Calculate Now button is clicked, components lower in the Postprocess window may be invalidated or erased.

Postprocess window sections edit