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JPG Image File edit

.JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a lossy compression format. It stores images in the YCbCr color space, which requires conversion from Mandelbulb3D's native RGB color space. Additionally, pixel data is discarded according to research in human vision. In other words, .JPG throws away information that humans are not likely to see anyway.

This can be a problem if the file is edited after compression. Compression artifacts may become visible if the size, contrast, etc. are edited. For this reason, graphics professionals use JPG as a delivery format only. It is bad practice to save the only version of an image to a lossy format, because the discarded image data can never be recovered. The best practice is to save to a lossless compression format (e.g. .PNG) and then possibly convert to a lossy format for distribution. However, it should be noted that most online platforms such as Facebook will recompress any uploaded image. To help preserve the quality of your work online, upload .PNG files instead of .JPG if possible.

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