Introduction Edit

Mandelbulb3D is a free application for rendering complex 3D fractal graphics. It is unlike traditional 3D applications in nearly every way. However, experience with other 3D programs such as Blender can be helpful when learning Mandelbulb3D. Many of the concepts are the same, but they may be implemented in curious or unfamiliar ways in Mandelbulb3D.

Interoperability with other 3D programs Edit

Although Mandelbulb3D's primary function is to render fractal images, it is also capable of importing and exporting some forms of 3D data. There is no direct support for rendering 3D models such as .OBJ, but 3D file formats can be converted to 2D heightmaps and combined with fractal formulas.

Mandelbulb3D can export 3D data as a stack of 2D images, as a mesh, or as a point cloud.

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