This is an alternate Wikibooks to Chinese (Mandarin)

Note: To use this book, your web browser must first be configured to display Chinese characters 50% developed  as of Jan 24, 2005. If the characters in the grey box below appear as blank boxes or garbage such as �?�?􏿾, it is not properly configured.


Here speak chinese
  1. Consonants
  2. A, O, and E
  3. I and N
  4. Quiz One
  5. U, Ü and NG
  6. Pronouns
  7. Numbers
  8. wikiversity:Easy_Languages/Chinese/Chapter_One#Quiz_Two Quiz Two


  1. 你好。 我是...
  2. 你好吗?
  3. 他是学生。
  4. 她的名字是什么?
  5. 我四十二岁。
  6. 你呢?

你好。 我是...