Managing your business with anyPiece

[anyPiece] project is created for the sole purpose to simplify how the business is performed. Our goal is to be reduce the complexity to work on few module which we will cover at our segment below.

  • Task management - This system is used for architecture firm to track task internally and externally
  • Inventory system for recycle business - Recycle company is having tough time handling their inventory and required much simpler for the user to use and handle the complexity of high mix low volume products in their day-to-day operation.
  • WYSIWYG Web editor - This is one of our most proud technology. The whole goal for this editor is to reduce the number of technical knowledge required by our customer to update the web site while removing all the unnecessary bottleneck on the designer to put in new idea or enhancement.
  • Order Management - This module is primary for web order and handling product master data