Management Concepts and Applications

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  1. Cover and interwiki links
  2. Unit 1: Management
    1. Definition and Meaning
    2. Nature and purpose
    3. Evolution of Management thoughts
      1. Contributions of F.W Taylor
      2. Contributions of Henry Fayol
      3. Human relations approach
      4. System approach to management
    4. Skills and Functions of a manager
  3. Unit 2: Planning
  4. Unit 3: Decision making
  5. Unit 4: Organizing
  6. Unit 5: Leadership
  7. Unit 6: Controlling
  8. Author(s)
      • Contribution of Henry Fayols Management Thought-----

Fayol has been considered as the real father of modern management,He was a French industrialist and graduated as amining engineer in 1860.In 1860 Fayol contributed his famous "अFunctional Approach" To the management literature from 1900 to 1918.there was no significancte contrih to bye literature. FayolsPrinciples of management---- 1)Division of Work 2)Authority and Reasponsibility 3)Discipline 4)Unity of command 5)unity of Directiob 6)Remuneration 7)Centralisation 8)scalar Chain or Hierarchy 9)Order 10)Equity 11)Stability of Tenure of Personnel 12)InitiTive 13)Esprit de corps 14)Subordination of individual onterest to General Interestss