Malay is the language spoken natively by Malay people, who originated from the island of Sumatra, and is now an official language of Malaysia, Indonesia (where the official standard goes by the name of "Indonesian"), Singapore and Brunei. It was once written in an Arabic-based script called Jawi, but is now written in Latin script. The creators of this book hope you enjoy it and use it as a source for your studies, whether it is primary or secondary.

Countries where Malay is official (dark blue) and a recognized minority or trade language (light blue)

Why Should I learn Malay?


Learning Malay can not only be a fun thing to do, but you could then also communicate with Malay people. You could learn simple phrases, it would help you out with situations such as not knowing the area and be able to communicate with Malay people if you need help.

How this book is Designed


This book is designed to help you in your studies of Malay. It is divided into sections with Introduction, Alphabet, Pronunciation, Vowels, Consonants, Basics, Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level, Quick Phrases and other useful links. We hope you enjoy this book.

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