Making an Island/Facilities/Transport

Transportation may be the most crucial necessity for living on a man-made island. It allows construction materials, food, and other items to be imported, grants you a means of escape from storms or attack, and most importantly, gets you to your island in the first place.

Ships & BoatsEdit

Ships and Boats will probably make up the basic transit system of your island, used for transporting people and cargoes through the waters around you. Canoes are cheap and practical. They are manually operated, so you need not worry about paying for fuel. Also, they are lightweight and could be stored on your island to protect them if a storm comes. Canoes can carry multiple people and items, thus making them perfect for performing tasks like aquaculture or fishing. Ships are larger, generally require fuel, and are much more cumbersome, however, if you have a larger island, with multiple citizens and a greater need for supplies, it is more logical to use ships.

Specializing WatercraftEdit

You may require specialized craft for a certain function, such as trawlers, freighters, nuclear submarines, or ferries. Speeders are probably the best choice for carrying one or two people around the outskirts of your waters quickly, but are expensive. Kayaks are a cheaper but less effective alternative. If you plan to carry large amounts of minerals from your island for trade, it may be good to purchase a small freighter. If your island is not far from another landmass, and receives tourism, or if you/your citizens must commute to another landmass regularly, it may be in your best interest to purchase a ferry or make one. Since they are not meant for long journeys or to carry equipment they may be as simple as a primitive raft. Your island may also need ship specialized towards defense, especially if your location is heavily pirated. If you have a wealthy micronation, you may be able to afford some gunboats or other military material. Other than that, armed vehicles will most likely consist of boats with armed people on them.


If you have an island far from any human outpost, Aircraft may be critical to your island's survival. But they are painfully costly. Just the vehicle itself can cost several hundred thousand dollars at best. Not to mention fuel, safety equipment, and a pilot/flying class. If you have the means, however, aeronautics can provide a myriad of opportunities to your island. You can travel to other places, transport supplies, export your island's goods, and launch nuclear strikes at any entity that does not recognize your island's sovereignty. They travel faster than watercraft, but cannot carry as much.