Making a Programming Language From Scratch/The Braces Problem

The big bad braces problemEdit

One of the most fundamental problems that I faced during the creation of my language was the braces problem. Thus I devoted this chapter to this problem and it's solution.

In most modern languages block statements are terminated by the braces{}. However, multiple statements share the braces, such as if,while,else,elseif,functions,e.t.c.

Thus the problem I faced was this: How do you recognize the end brace } as belonging to which statement. Remember that in the line by line input method we will only get "}" as our line. After thinking for many days I finally came upon a solution.


We need to open the generated output file in read more. We then search for a comment of format !!? [Block statement name]

And if that statement is not terminated by ??! [Block statement name]

Then it is our required statement. Note that the required statement is the last open statement.

We close this statement by the above mentioned format and also include in the code the necessary instructions.