Mac OS X Tiger/Printing, Faxing, and Scanning



Managing PrintersEdit

Printing to a PrinterEdit



Faxing is done easily by selecting the print function from within any program's document. In Mac OS X 10.4, the print dialoque menu has a pull-down option in the bottom left corner.

1) Simply scroll down to, "Fax (document)," and the fax function dialogue appears.

2) In the first field, the fax telephone number is to be entered complete with appropriate prefixes. (i.e., 1 for long distance, area code)

3a) The second field is for appropriate predialing prefixes. Examples are, 9 (for outside line,) *70 (to disable call-waiting,) etc.

3b) It is important to follow the predialing prefixes with a comma that allows the dialing to pause after the predial. This pause allows a subsequent dial tone to activate before actual fax telephone number is dialed.

4) Be sure to connect phone line to internal modem port before clicking the "FAX" button (which replaced the typical "Print" button.

5) The watch the cues as the fax is dialed, connected, sent, and disconnected before disconnected any temporary phone line.

One can enter a routine fax target in the Address Book program within OS X. Be sure to designate the fax telephone number as such before saving the entry. Then, when faxing a document, click the human silhouette to the right of the first field to select the address book entry you wish to fax to. Then go to step 3a, above.