Mac OS X Tiger/Appendix E


This Appendix contains the top 30 mistakes people ask when using Mac hardware and software. It's a good idea to read through this section before you use your Mac, as it will clarify some of the things you are likely to run into at first.

The MistakesEdit

Windows switcher mistakesEdit

  • Closing the Red Dot on the top left and thinking the program has quit like it might have in Windows.
  • People using the control button on the keyboard like they would on a Windows operating system instead of Apple's alternative control button which is marked by the apple logo and is often referred to as the command button.

Hardware MistakesEdit

  • In Macintosh computers, the "Motherboard" is referred to as the "Logic Board"

Software MistakesEdit

  • Running programs directly from disk images without dragging them to the Applications folder. The disk image is just a virtual disk created by the .dmg, the program inside should be copied to your computer so you can eject the disk image and trash the .dmg file.
  • The Dock only has links to files (with the exception of Trash), the actual Applications are located in your Applications folder

Changes from Previous VersionsEdit

  • Spotlight isn't just good for finding lost files, it is often a quicker way to open Applications and documents when compared to using Finder to find the item.