MINC2.0 support for ITK was submitted to the Insight-Journal sometime at the end of 2006. The code was then added to the review directory of Insight tree sometime 2007.

To build ITK with MINC2.0, you must set the following options ON. Note that ITK is configured using cmake, to build ITK with MINC support follow these steps:

$ ccmake .

toggle advanced options (press t)

ITK_USE_REVIEW --> set to ON
ITK_USE_MINC2  --> set to ON

(press c) to reconfigure

(press g) to generate

  • NOTE: when you set using MINC2.0 to ON, you will then have to set the location of the following libraries from cmake



Once cmake is completed, run "make" to build ITK ( this will take some time depending on the options you switched on )