This is the list of detailed installation types depending on the operating system used. You can download all available softwares at the "MNI software repository"

  • Source means having the source code in a tar.gz compression format, to be compiled and installed manually. See SourceInstall for more information.
  • Package means there is an installable binary package in .deb format for debian operating systems or an executable for the specified operating system. See BinaryInstalls for more information.
  • MINC-Bundle means there is a bundle with all the software, as opposed to installing each software separately.
Distribution List
Distribution Source Package MINC-Bundle Notes
cygwin X tar dumps of cygwin builds
deb X old debian packages
debian-lenny X X debian packages
osx-10.3 X osx package builds
osx-10.4-intel X
osx-10.4 X
osx-10.5 X
tgz X source packages
ubuntu-gutsy (7.10) X ubuntu packages
ubuntu-hardy (8.04) X X
ubuntu-intrepid (8.10) X X
ubuntu-jaunty (9.04) X X
ubuntu-karmic (9.10) X X
ubuntu-lucid (10.04) X X
ubuntu-maverick (10.10) X X
virtual-machines X pre-built virtual machines with MINC tools
win32 X windows builds of MINC