Installing from the sourceEdit

 git clone git://github.com/vfonov/EZminc.git ezminc
  • Unpack: tar zxf vfonov-EZminc-095c9ac.tar.gz
  • Run cmake or ccmake to configure:
    • Setup the MINC1/2 install location MINC_ROOT , default /usr/local/bic
    • Decide if using MINC1 or MINC2 library USE_MINC2
    • (Optionally) Specify location of ITK: ITK_DIR, default for Ubuntu /usr/lib/InsightToolkit
    • Specify installation location CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
    • Enable building of examples BUILD_EXAMPLES
    • Enable building of tests BUILD_TESTS
    • ITK plugin is currently unstable
  • run make && make install

Warning: version prior to r78 contained a serious bug that would sometimes result in incorrectly written data when integers and shorts are written to minc.