Installing and configuring MINC edit

Current Version edit

Currently MINC tools are distributed as part of minc-toolkit, details on installation are located at bic-mni.github.io, all the source code is now hosted on GitHUB

Historical information (out-of date) edit

The minc tools and related software can be installed under Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Below is the list of detailed installation types depending on the operating system used. You can download all available softwares at the "MNI software repository"

  • Source means having the source code in a tar.gz compression format, to be compiled and installed manually. See SourceInstall for more information. You will have to configure your system and to install additional supplementary PERL modules.
  • Binary means there are installable binaries for this system. It can take the form of a package (e.g. a .deb format for ubuntu) or a tar.gz with executables. See BinaryInstalls for more information.
  • Note that "MINC-Bundle" means there is a bundle with all the minc tools & associated software available, as opposed to installing each package separately.

The following table summarizes the recommend installation method for each platform.

Distribution List
Distribution Source Package MINC-Bundle Notes
cygwin X tar dumps of cygwin builds
deb X old debian packages
debian-lenny (64 bits) X X debian packages
osx-10.3 X osx package builds
osx-10.4-intel X
osx-10.4 X
osx-10.5 X
tgz X source packages
ubuntu-gutsy (7.10) X ubuntu packages
ubuntu-hardy (8.04) X X
ubuntu-intrepid (8.10) X X
ubuntu-jaunty (9.04) X X
ubuntu-karmic (9.10) X X
ubuntu-lucid (10.04, 64 bits) X X
ubuntu-maverick (10.10, 64 bits) X X
virtual-machines X pre-built virtual machines with MINC tools
win32 X windows builds of MINC