list of minc toolsEdit

Please add to the list.

We need to identify the author, the contributors, is the software orphaned (without an owner), the person responsible for the code now, the license agreement, etc...

image processingEdit

N3 (Sled)

classify_clean (Zijdenbos, Cocosco)

PVE (Jussi Tohka)

structure segmentation toolsEdit

ANIMAL structure segmentation (Collins)

Hippocampus + MTL structures fusion labelling (Collins)

thalamus + basal ganglia (Mallar)

surface segmentationEdit

CLASP (Evans)

Analysis toolsEdit

fMRI stat (K Worsley). The maintenance and development of fMRIstat as such is, sadly, not supported anymore as far as I know (PB). All modules of fMRIstat have been included in NIAK though (see the pipeline section).

ITK Snap (Vlad's mods for minc; if minc properly supported in ITK, then this mod not needed)

ElastiX (Dante)

viewnup (Andrew)

Imaging pipelinesEdit

NIHPD pipeline for pediatric data (Vlad)

CIVET pipeline for surface analysis (CLaude, Alan)

NIAK (Pierre B et al) pipeline for fMRI preprocessing and GLM analysis (based on an update of fMRIstat tools).

Other recipe pipelines for other tasks...