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MCEM Part A Study Guide/Preparation/Books

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Study GuidesEdit

  • Revision Notes for MCEM Part A (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)
  • Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine.
  • BNF (latest edition) for pharmacology.
  • Lasts anatomy / Snell's clinical anatomy.
  • Ganong's physiology / Physiology at a glance
  • MRCP revision notes by Philippa Esterbook (for immunology and statistics)
  • Practise papers for MCEM part A by Jaydeep Chitnis.

Sample MCQsEdit

Get Through MCEM Part A MCQS: Part A

Practice Papers for MCEM Part A

Subject Specific ReferencesEdit

The MCEM syllabus itself recommends "Physiology at a Glance" as the level of detail required.

The MCEM syllabus references the BNF extensively in the Pharmacology Section.