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Setup InstructionsEdit

  1. Install subversion client software from:
  2. Download the m-file DownloadPsychtoolbox.m
  3. This file is the Psychtoolbox-Installer.
    1. Save the installer into your Psychtoolbox path.
    2. Change Matlab working directory to a folder were you want to download the latest release of PTB.
    3. Enter either DownloadPsychtoolbox('beta') or DownloadPsychtoolbox('stable') , depending which flavor of Psychtoolbox you want to use.

Description of Stable and BetaEdit

'beta' gives you the equivalent of my past pre-releases: Early access to bug-fixes, enhancements and new features. Tested and found to be working properly on our own machines, but not yet sufficiently tested by real users in real applications.

'stable' consists of former 'beta' releases that have received additional real- world testing by end-users, so it is considered final code that will be released in the next upcoming official release.

Obviously, 'stable' releases will have a much longer delay, until features are added or bugs are fixed -- it's your choice.

As of today, 'beta' contains an improved DrawText function and experimental support for Quicktime movie playback, as well as new functions for transformations like scaling, translation and rotation. MacOS-X 10.3.9 or later + Quicktime-7 is required for 'beta' to work. MacOS-X 10.2 and earlier are not supported anymore.

'stable' is identical to the 1.0.6 release and will stay that way for a while, until all the new features in beta have received sufficient testing by real users and more refinements and polishing by us.

What else? You need to perform this procedure only once. After that, you can simply use the new command 'UpdatePsychtoolbox' to keep your copy of PTB up to date with the latest changes in the 'beta' or 'stable' release whenever you want.