MATLAB Programming/File Name Types

There are many types of files that are used in MATLAB. These are some of the few of commonly used files used for MATLAB.

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It consists a MATLAB script. This is a platform-independent file, so you can use the same scripts on whatever operating system (Windows, Linux,Mac) you’re working on at any time.

This file also allows you to create a script on one OS and share it with others, even when they use a different OS than you do. MATLAB script files are always written using the MATLAB language.

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It consists of access to any data you saved on workspace.

To save this file, click the "Save Workspace" and to load the data click "Load Data"

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Contains a Simulink model.(Note that SIMULINK is different products from MATLAB)

Simulink is an add-on product for MATLAB that provides a block diagram environment for performing simulations.

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Provides access to any plots or other graphics you create. Keep in mind that the file contains all the information required to reconstruct the chart, but does not contain the graphic of chart itself.

This approach means that the chart's plot is accessible on any OS that MATLAB supports.

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A MATLAB application created using the MATLAB App Designer.

MATLAB application lets you share your code in a packaged form (like executable files) with other people, and you can create one without having much of programming experience