MATLAB Programming/App Designer

App designer is the latest way to design MATLAB app GUI starting R2016a with aim to replace the MATLAB GUIDE.

The new features of App Design as followed

  • A more modern look-and-feel design environment with richer drag-and-drop conveniences
  • New features like a tree component, date picker, layout manager, and an automatic reflow option to make your app responsive to different screen sizes without having to write complex resizing logic
  • Its programming model is more robust for managing data within an app by using a MATLAB class-file
  • Apps built with App Designer can be run in MATLAB Online and deployed to the web for easier sharing and access via a web browser on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

To start, type appdesigner on the Command Window.

You can see the App Designer starting up as shown.

But in this examples , we are going to start by open up a Blank App

Once open up Blank App, place the components on the Design Views canvas as shown