Luigi's Mansion/Ghosts

This is a list of the ghosts in Luigi's Mansion.

Common enemiesEdit

Name Description HP
Blue Twirler Heavy ghosts that slam their fists onto the ground. 30 HP
Bowling Ghost Yellow ghosts that roll purple bombs like a bowling ball at Luigi. 0 HP
Dangler Purple or white laughing ghosts that appear from the ceiling. The purple variation drops a bomb upon appearing. 0 HP
Elemental Ghosts These are elemental spirits that give Luigi the ability to shoot fire, water, or ice, depending on the type. They only appear if its corresponding element medal is collected. 0 HP
Element-powered Ghosts White Ghosts with an element covering their heart. There are three types, each a variant of a common ghost:
  • Temper Terror - A Gold Ghost with a fiery heart; use water to defeat them.
  • Flash - A Purple Puncher with a frozen heart; use fire to defeat them.
  • Blue Blaze - A Blue Twirler with a watery heart; use ice to defeat them.
10, 20, 30 HP
Flying Fish Small fish ghosts found near some sources of water. They damage Luigi if he touches them. 0 HP
Garbage Can Ghost Green ghosts that throw banana peels to try and trip Luigi. 40 HP
Ghost Bat If Luigi activates his Poltergust 3000, they begin to attack him. They appear in yellow and purple varieties, although the difference is only cosmetic. 0 HP
Ghost Mouse Mice that damage Luigi if they touch him. 0 HP
Gold Ghost The most common and basic ghost enemy. If it gets close to Luigi, it tries to punch him. 10 HP
Gold Mice Mice that reward Luigi a lot of treasure if sucked into the Poltergust 3000. They can be found in small blocks of cheese using the Game Boy Horror's scan radar or by chance in certain rooms. If Luigi fails to catch a Gold Mouse, it is permanently gone. 0 HP
Grabber Ghosts that try to choke Luigi. Some are visible only in mirrors, or as shadows 10 HP
Meteor Ghost Small ghosts that fall from the sky. They cannot fit in the Poltergust 3000, and their purpose is to be launched at the Moon in the Observatory. 0 HP
Speedy Spirit A pale blue ghost which is a variant of Gold Ghost. They move around quickly and, like Gold Mice, if Luigi catches one, he earns treasure. Like Gold Mice, if Luigi fails to catch a Speedy Spirit, it permanently disappears. 10 HP
Mr. Bones A skeleton ghost. 30 HP
Purple Puncher Tall, pink ghosts (despite their name) that punch and move faster than Gold Ghosts. 20 HP
Shadow Clone Clones of Bogmire made from shadows. 0 HP
Shy Guy Ghost They wear a mask (with no eyes) and wield a staff that they either swing or poke Luigi with. Luigi can reveal their heart by sucking off their mask and then pointing his flashlight at them. 20 HP
Spark Small spiny ghosts that explode every few seconds. If Luigi hits them with fire they explode automatically, but if squirted with water they disappear. They are the only ghost that cannot be vacuumed. 0 HP
Waiter Ghost A waiter who serves food to Mr. Luggs. They do not attack Luigi and cannot damage him, but they must be vacuumed up before Luigi can fight Mr. Luggs. 10 HP

Portrait GhostsEdit

These are the Portrait Ghosts in the mansion. They are listed in order of their capture. The final Portrait Ghost of an area is the boss, whereas the other ones can be thought of as mini-bosses.

Area 1Edit

Image Name Description
Neville, The Bookish Father This is the first portrait ghost in the game. He decided to spend his time reading all of the books he missed out on while living. He is married to Lydia, and is the brother of Uncle Grimmly. Although he has no unique attacks, the book on his shelf tends to float in and hurt Luigi. His pull is weak.
Lydia, The Mirror-Gazing Mother She mainly looks at herself in the mirror and brushes her hair. She is married to Neville. Her heart will be exposed if the window next to her vanity is opened. Her pull is weak and she has no unique attacks.
  Chauncey, The Spoiled Baby A short-tempered and restless baby ghost, Chauncey is the first boss. In order to defeat Luigi, he shrinks him into his crib. He uses toys as weapons. In the game, they consist of teddy bears, rocking horses, and balls. Hit him with balls to make him show his heart. Use the one that doesn't disappear, and aim for his heart. Then, suck him up with the Poltergust3000. He is Neville and Lydia's third son.

Area 2Edit

Name Description Image
The Floating Whirlindas, The Dancing Couple They used to be the local waltz champs, but can no longer compete due to their feet not touching the floor. They can be defeated whilst dipping each other. Their pull is Medium and they have no unique attack.
Shivers, The Wandering Butler He wanders around with an unlit candle due to his fear of fire. He is searching for his master's will, hoping to inherit something. He is apparently smitten with Melody Pianissima. He has no attacks and has a fairly strong pull.
Melody Pianissima, The Beautiful Pianist She plays piano and loves music and video games. Shivers is madly in love with her, but it appears she feels the opposite way about him. Her piano playing can be heard from the hallway, outside the conservatory. Her Musical Sheets take 5 HP each time they hit Luigi. Her pull is medium.
Mr. Luggs, The Glutton (optional) He loves to eat all the time. He died from eating way too much, but still wanted more. When he's mad, he belches fire at the culprit. His loud eating can be heard from the hallway, outside the dining room. He has a strong pull, and his fireballs take 10 HP.
Spooky, The Hungry Guard Dog A four-year old canine who loves to sink his teeth into anything he can. Spooky's bite can range from taking 5-17 HP, and he has a strong pull from the Poltergust 3000.
  Bogmire, The Cemetery Shadow He is the second boss. He is a product of the mansion's fear and despair although he himself does not know who to fear or what to despair. He appears with flashes of lightning. He can also create shadow clones, ranging from regular size to bigger. He appears to be some sort of ghostly blob. As his nickname implies, he hangs out in the mansion's graveyard.

Area 3Edit

Name Description Image
Biff Atlas, The Bodybuilder (optional) He is kind, unless provoked. He loves to work out. He also loves lillies because they symbolize purity. He spends his afterlife perfecting his ectoplasmic body to define shape. He has a strong pull, and his punch takes a whopping 20 HP.
Miss Petunia. The Bathing Beauty Contrary to her nickname, she is not all that beautiful due to her lack of modeling work. She is the Miss Ghost runner-up from six years ago. She resembles a pig - with hooves and a snout - wearing a shower cap and bikini. She hates cold water. Even with her strong pull and hot water attack (5 HP), she is a relatively easy Potrait Ghost.
Nana, The Scarf-Knitting Nanny She just rocks in her chair knitting a scarf that is currently said to be measured up to 871 feet. She throws knitting needles at Luigi. In her diary, it says she pranked Miss Petunia with cold water. She is the mother of Neville. She has a medium pull, and her needles take 10 HP.
Slim Bankshot, The Lonely Pool Shark (optional) He loves to play pool, but has never played a living soul. He spends his afterlife shooting the cue by himself, trying to perfect his skills. His Pool Balls can take a maximum of 5 HP, and he has a Medium pull. The hardest part is trying to launch a ball at him.
Henry and Orville, The Twin Brothers These are twins that love to play hide and seek. Unfortunately, they play Hide & Seek with each other, and since they both hide the game never ends. They have cars and bomb-launching planes at their disposal. They are Neville's and Lydia's sons. They have medium pulls, and both the bomb and the car take 10 HP - Orville drops the pearls (plane). Their names are likely derived from Henry Ford (who made cars) and Orville Wright (who made the first air plane), especially since brothers ride the respective vehicle during battle.
Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky Fortune Teller A good ghost, she looks at lost items, and then looks into her crystal ball for a prediction. She looks at Mario's items (a letter, a shoe, a glove, a star, and a hat). She loses her powers after looking at the fifth item. After that, she lets Luigi suck her up with no restistance whatsoever. She doesn't laugh often and she likes to add some drama to her readings occasionally. For some reason, she is afraid of Bowser.
  Boolossus, Jumbo Ghost This is the third boss. This is a giant Boo consisting of fifteen boos. His name is a pun on the words Boo and Colossus. It pops when it runs into the horn of the ice sculpture (unicorn), then it breaks apart, allowing Luigi to freeze them and suck them up. With each Boo that is caught, they become more and more wary of the ice and flee from it. Lure them in by sucking the vacuum cleaner, then surprise them with a sudden ice blast. After beating him, the fifteen Boos are added to the Boo count.

Area 4Edit

Name Description Image
Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of the Darkness This ghost loves the darkness and rooms with mirrors. He tries to scare people with weak ghostly wails. He has a weak pull and no attacks, so he should be pretty simple.
Clockwork Soldiers, The Toy Platoon These are three toy soldiers, who Luigi must suck up one at a time. Their weakness is getting their windup keys pulled out. Their only weapons are toy cork guns which are surprisingly dangerous, taking 10 HP with each shot. They all have a Medium pull. The Dark purple one drops the pearls.
Sue Pea, The Dozing Girl (optional) This little girl sleeps in an upside down room. The only thing that can wake her up is wetting the bed, which she promises not to do to herself, thinking in her sleep. Use the Water Elemant. Apparently, she died in what was meant to be a "short nap". Her dolls take 5 HP and she has a weak pull.
Jarvis, The Jar Collector (optional) This is a ghost that loves to collect jars. He has stuffed himself in a jar, and therefore has no limbs. He has a "Whack-a-Mole" style game in which Luigi must freeze him as he pops up. When he's mad, he can make jars float up and attack Luigi, which take 5 HP. He has Medium pull.
Sir Weston, The Chilly Climber This mountaineer ghost loves the cold. He stays in the coldest room in the house, encased in ice. He absolutely dreads heat. After Luigi lights fires, he is able to move in the ice, and returns the favor by attacking him. His ice beams take 5-13 range damage, whereas the icicles falling from the ceiling take 20 HP. His pull is Medium, however, since the floor of his room is ice, there is no traction. As a result, This actually makes capturing him more difficult. He is probably the most difficult portrait ghost to capture in the entire game besides the bosses.
Vincent Van Gore, The Starving Artist Vincent is a ghost who creates paintings that he can bring to life. He was the one who created the common ghosts of the house. To stop Luigi, he brings paintings that contain three of each of them to life. After defeating all the ghosts, Vincent just stands there, his heart broken and revealed, sad that his art is gone. He has a weak pull.

The name of this ghost is a clear reference to the real life artist Vincent Van Gough.

  King Boo King Boo is the one behind the kidnapping of Mario and the final boss of the game. The only thing he is scared of is Luigi's Poltergust 3000. He fights inside a giant Bowser suit. At the beginning of the battle with him, King Boo's Bowser suit will fall from the sky and attack Luigi. King Boo has 500 HP, the most of any ghost in the game. King Boo also uses a multitude of attacks from his Bowser suit: Ice (ranging 5-10 HP), Touch (20 HP), Flame (10 HP), Swallow (15 HP), Bomb touch (5 HP), Explosion (10 HP), and swallowing, then spitting out and burning (30 HP).


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There are fifty Boos, which are specific type of ghost, for Luigi to capture in the mansion to obtain an optional Gold Diamond. More information can be found on the Boos page.