Luigi's Mansion/Bosses/Bogmire

Bogmire the cemetary shadow

A product of the mansion's fear and dispare the purple monstrosity known as bogmire has the ability to make his shadows come to life. Bogmire is the second boss in a game called Luigi's Mansion and is probably the most frightening, bogmire in apperance looks like a large purple blob with a gaint mouth and even larger teeth, bogmire also has two muornful yellow eyes dispite having no fear or nothing to despair of. Bogmire is found in the mansion's graveyard however you cant battle him until clearing the gravyard of the skeleton trio. once there are no other ghost you simply aproach the glowing grave to battle him. Bogmire is very hard to catch his pull is strong and he constantly teleports around the arena. While you battle him bogmire will send his shadows after you, his shadows though are also his weaknes. To expose bogmire's heart suck at a shadow until it becomes a large glob in your vacume then shoot the shadow at bogmire and suck him up. The triky part is that bogmire's shadows serve as moveing obsticals that, will not only lurch towards you but bogmire (when in your vacume lock)will try to drag you into them. To make this boss easier you should try to get rid of as many of his shadows as possible(to minimize the number attacking you)and also try cornering bogmire so he can't run as far, this is difficult since the arena is perfectly round so you better be a good hand at the C stick!