This page contains notes about development of the book.

Notes edit

  • This book is about Lua 5.2. Information about past versions of Lua must be explicitly marked as not being relevant to the current version, but should be included as long as it is part of the current main branch (in this case, Lua 5.x). If the information is part of history material, then it may be included regardless of the version.
  • See also: Scribunto: An Introduction for using Lua in w:MediaWiki.

To do edit

  • Update the book to reflect changes in Lua 5.3 and 5.4. This was already done in part regarding integers and bitwise operators.
  • Write a chapter about the different programming paradigms (object-oriented, functional) that Lua enables.

Writing and style edit

  • All headers and titles should use sentence case.
  • The book should be self‐contained, but it's fine to add links to other books, Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects, as long as these links are only used for supplementary material.
  • Variable names should be enclosed in <var>...</var> tags.
  • When terms are defined in nearby text, they should be enclosed in <dfn>...</dfn> tags. The first full definition of a term that is the subject of a chapter should be marked with the {{subject definition}} template in that chapter.
  • Keyboard keys that the user is instructed to press should be enclosed in <kbd>...</kbd> tags.
  • Emphasis should be marked using <em>...</em> and <strong>...</strong> tags or using wiki markup for italics or bold.
  • Code keywords or in‐line code should be enclosed in <code>...</code> tags.
  • Code examples should use syntax highlighting with the <source>...</source> tag. Code should be indented and easy to read, and variable names should accurately represent their value. Tabulations should be used to indent code and underscores should be used to separate words in variable names.
  • Code output should be enclosed in <samp>...</samp> tags.