Lua Programming/Features

Features of LuaEdit

The features of the lua programming language include:

  • simple
  • efficient
  • portable
  • extensible
  • adaptable to a broad range of applications
  • Lua is an extension programming language
  • Suitable for use as an embedded language within a host application
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Implemented in ANSI C
  • Lightweight core occupies just 60k and executable footprint of just 140k
  • Easy to use conventional scripting language
  • Dynamic datatypes
  • Powerful builtin support for text processing
  • Interpreted bytecode compilation for fast and efficient execution
  • Stack based virtual machine model
  • Support for procedural, object oriented, functional and datadriven programming
  • Supports coercion
  • freeform syntax
  • lettercase sensitive
  • keywords