French Language Course
This project aims to teach French as it is used in Louisiana. Mainly this text will focus on Cajun French.
Chapter 1 - Introduction

An introduction to the French language in Louisiana and the focus of this book.

Chapter 2 - Grammar and Pronunciation

An introduction on Cajun French grammar and pronunciation.

Chapter 3 - Greetings

Common greetings in Cajun French as well as conversation starters.

Chapter 4 - Time

How to tell time, look at a calendar, and say when events are.

Chapter 5 - An Introduction to Verbs

How to talk using action words in the present tense.

Chapter 6 - Verbs and Tenses

How to talk about what happened in the past, present, and future.

Chapter 7 -Good-Byes

How to say good bye in several different manners.


A list of sources used to author this book.