Cmene are Lojbanized names. Cmene must be spelled phonetically according to the Lojban style (it is important to remember: W --> U, Y --> I, Sh --> C, Ch --> Tc, J (English) --> Dj, J (French) --> J, etc. if using the latmo lerselcmi (Latin alphabet)). All cmene must terminate with a glottal stop [.], and must additionally have a consonant immediately precede the glottal stop. If the name begins with a vowel (which includes "Y"), then it must also be immediately preceded by a glottal stop. If the cmene does not terminate with a consonant (excluding the glottal stop), then one must be inserted. The common convention is to insert an "S" at the end. However, any consonant will work.

Tom            la (.)tom. / la (.)tam.
Shirley        la (.)c(e)rl. / la (.)c(e)rlis
Washington     la .uacin(g)tyn.
Harold         la (.)xeirold.
Abraham        la .eibry'am. / la .eibryxam.