lojban positive neutral negative gismu

First, the ``consecutive discourse group:

ku'i however/but/in contrast [karbi]
ji'a additionally [jmina]
si'a similarly [simsa]
mi'u ditto [mintu]
po'o the only relevant case

Next, the ``commentary on discourse group:

li'a clearly/obviously obscurely [klina]
ba'u exaggeration accuracy understatement [banli]
zo'o humorously dully seriously
sa'e precisely speaking loosely speaking [satci]
to'u in brief in detail [tordu]
do'a generously parsimoniously [dunda]
sa'u simply elaborating [sampu]
pa'e justice prejudice [pajni]
je'u truly falsely [jetnu]

Next, the ``knowledge group:

ju'o certainly uncertain certainly not [djuno]
la'a probably improbably [lakne]

Next, the ``discourse management group:

ta'o by the way returning to point [tanjo]
ra'u chiefly equally incidentally [ralju]
mu'a for example omitting ex. end examples [mupli]
zu'u on the one hand on the other hand
ke'u repeating continuing [krefu]
da'i supposing in fact