There are two systems of naming months in use: one based on the zodiac, and one based on numbers. The place structure is "x1 is foomonth in year x2 in calendar x3"; this is not according to jvojva but makes it easy to specify dates as "the day nth of the foomonth of the year mmmm".

English name Zodiac name Number name
January kanbyma'i pavma'i
February jaurbeima'i relma'i
March fipma'i cibma'i
April lanma'i vonma'i
May bakma'i mumyma'i
June matsi'uma'i xavma'i
July mlajukma'i zelma'i
August cinfyma'i bivma'i
September xlima'i sozma'i
October laxma'i pavnonma'i
November rebjukma'i pavypavma'i
December celma'i pavrelma'i

There are also systems of naming the days of the week based on Oriental elements and numbers.

English name Oriental el. name Number name
Monday lurdei pavdei
Tuesday fagdei reldei
Wednesday jaurdei cibdei
Thursday mudydei vondei
Friday jimdei mumdei
Saturday tedydei xavdei
Sunday soldei zeldei or nondei

Note that Sunday in Lojban is either day seven or day zero, depending on your perspective.